Welcome to Bettering Me!

Hello, my name’s Ian and at the time of starting planning this blog I weigh 188.5 pounds and am 5 foot 4 inches.  I created this blog to help me lose weight and better my fitness levels.  I intend to post regularly to it with fitness updates and posts about fitness.  There is more to me than just fitness though so I intend to use this blog for bettering myself in all sorts of ways.  I am hoping that by hosting this blog that not only will I make progress but I might inspire others to make progress too.

At the start of this blog I intend to post regular updates about my fitness level, weight, and special activities that I do.  I also plan on posting at least occasional motivational articles, posts, and pictures.  I also plan to post any Geocaching adventures I go on because they get me up and out.  My regular weigh in day will be every Monday but I might have special weigh ins depending on activities and time frame.


While I get everything settled there will probably be some regular changes to the appearance of my blog, what I post, and when.  I apologize for this in advance if it does happen but I am trying to iron out the kinks.  This is a personal blog after all!

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