Fitbit and Weight Loss

As you may have noticed this morning a list of statistics has been posted to my blog.  This is yesterday’s Fitbit data.  Every day my blog posts the Fitbit data from the previous day to show you how I have done and give me the motivation to post better data every day.  You can also compare it to your own.

I have found that since utilizing my Fitbit to its fullest extent I have begun to lose weight and even enjoy the process of using the Fitbit.  I have the Charge HR (heart rate) which allows me to track my steps, heart rate, stairs climbed, calories burned, and more.  All of this data while not always 100% accurate is usually very close.  It gives me an idea of where I can improve.  I really like the Fitbit and the website.

Screenshot of Fitbit Stats
Fitbit daily stats as viewed from an Android device.

Since I discovered the friends function I have also had an extra level of motivation.  It’s nice to have a group of people who are also motivated to lose weight and get in better shape.  You are also able to compare your step count to theirs to show you when it is time to get up and move.

Screenshot of Fitbit Friends
Fitbit friends page as viewed from an Android device.

If you are interested in joining me on Fitbit check out my profile and add me as a friend here:

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