Geocaching Adventures from 8/4/2015

Hello and welcome to my first Geocaching Adventures post.  Geocaching is a puzzle for the mind that you can physically engage in and I am hoping to employ it to better my physical fitness.  Today it served its goal, if I hadn’t gone on my Geocaching adventure I wouldn’t have found a new park and I wouldn’t have come close to my step goal, instead I beat it.  I found three caches on my adventures yesterday, all of them were nearby my home base location and they brought me up to 39 finds.  I will do my best to detail the adventures to find the caches without giving away spoilers but just be warned there may be a few spoilers.

Steps Walked On Caching Adventure: Approximately 10,600 steps*
I get this number by subtracting my end step count from my best recollection of the starting step count, in this case, around 3,100.

It’s my birthday and I can cache if I want to!


To start off my day I went looking for a large cache that I could drop off a trackable in.  The “It’s my birthday and I can cache if I want to!” cache fit the bill and was the closest one in the area that I thought would be big enough.  It was a little bit of a trek from my place given that half the way there was no sidewalk but as I found on my journey today people in my neighborhood don’t really rely on sidewalks that much.  At first when I arrived in the area I wanted to search an area that was nowhere near where my GPS was taking me.  After a little bit of thinking, and looking behind me, I found an area that matched what I was looking for.  From there it wasn’t hard to find the cache.  It was quite large, either the largest or second largest cache I have ever found.

While I was there I dropped off Herman.  Here is a picture from the beginning of Herman’s long adventure with me that started off with a ride along in my patrol car.


It took me quite a while to get Herman back on his path because I had meant to take him to New Mexico on a trip and he got left in the wrong bag then stayed in that bag for a while.  Now he is back off on his journey to see how far he can go.  I was a little puzzled because people posted after I picked him up of their seeing him…  Maybe I just don’t get how those functions of Geocaching work.  In putting Herman into the box I felt sad, I get connected to stuffed animals and toys.  Plus, how can you argue with that smile and one eye 0).

In Herman’s place I picked up Love Tag.  Love Tag has a cute idea behind it and since I was recently engaged I feel like it is fate that I found it today.  Here is a picture of Love Tag from when I got home.

Love Tag

Mini Micro


From there I went to find Mini Micro which was a distance from where I thought it would be.  This cache was located in a beautiful park but like all things tree related it was a bit sticky with sap.  If you plan to go after this one I would either bring gloves or something to remove sap from your hands because there is about 0 chances that you won’t get sap on you.  I took a couple of pictures of the park because I was quite surprised by that there was a park in the area.

Small Park Bench Small Park

Pants Preferred Park: Plural Perch


I swear I was able to keep my pants on for this adventure but it was hard 😛  This one was quite questionable at first.  I started to walk towards where the cache indicated the trailhead was an I could have sworn a sign at then end of the road read “No Trespassing” but instead as I got closer I read “No Turning around”.  As soon as I found the little path to the side of the large white wall and found the gate I knew I was in.

Gate To Preserve
Sorry it was getting darker as I finally made it out.

Park Entrance Park Map

My adventure through this park was quite amazing.  There were wooden bridges and walkways along with primitive trails, IN THE CITY!  I am going to have to go back there on a walk with my Wolf Pup (fiance).  While I was looking for the first waypoint I was quite saddened as I stumbled upon a doggy grave.  Just the thought of a beloved pet passing away makes me sad and it was obvious that this pet was beloved as they built a beautiful grave.

Doggy Grave

After finding the first waypoint I made my way as rapidly as I could to waypoint two.  I found it but as I was writing in it I noticed I was sitting right next to stinging nettle.  I managed to get the cache without getting stung by nettle.  Before I go I will leave you with one last picture from the park, I can’t wait to return.

One of Many Signs

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