Geocaching Adventure – CITO #8 – North Seattle Cleanup

Steps Walked On Caching Adventure: Approximately 4,500 steps*
I get this number by subtracting my end step count from my best recollection of the starting step count, in this case, around 500.


Yesterday (8/5/2015) I participated in my first Geocaching event and had a wonderful time.  It was a Cache In, Trash Out event, or CITO, which means that a group of Geocachers got together to clean up a neighborhood.  Our target area was North Seattle by the Interurban Trail.


Groups went around the neighborhood, up and down the streets and trails.  Some were even brave enough to go to the famed Aurora.  Everyone there was extremely friendly although almost all of them seemed to already know each other.  One of the best parts of the activity was that there were people from around the world and all walks of life there.  I met some Swedes, a mail woman, even a cub scout leader.  I hope to get the chance to go to another activity soon.  Here is another picture of the pile of trash we picked up, this one was taken by the organizer of the activity Frau Potter.

Frau Potter's Picture

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