You see that little weight tracker on the right sidebar of my website?  That is courtesy of MyFitnessPal.  When I started my journey with my Fitbit I found the food tracking options somewhat limited and felt that they could use a little boost.  That is when I tried out MyFitnessPal.  It had most of what I was looking for in one package.  It sets up a plan for me to lose weight and tracks my food intake and exercise.

What I really found joy in was the ability to sync Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.  Whenever I want to see how many extra calories I have earned to eat all I need to do is click the little sync wheel at the top of the widget (as can be seen in the below screen shot).  The Fitbit data is also used to calculate the calories you have burned more accurately in order to see if you are on track with your weight loss plan or not.  To get the most out of syncing your Fitbit you should enable negative calories in the settings menu.  This will subtract calories you can eat on lazy days and help motivate you to get up and get out more.  It also provides a more accurate level of data.

While I have yet to find it as motivating as the Fitbit friends feature I do enjoy the ability to log info straight from my home screen.  The large food database and barcode scanner also make it great.

Home Screen Screenshot
As you can see in this screenshot MyFitnessPal is located near the top of my home screen and right below that is Fitbit.

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