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You may or may not have seen my About Me page, but I wanted to post a little about me blurb too.  So my name is Ian and I work as a security officer but I also freelance and love writing.  That is why I thought of starting this website would be a great idea to help fuel my weight loss goals.  When planning this web site I weighed 188.5 lbs, by the time I got all of the registration issues taken care of and content started I already had dropped 3.1 lbs to 185.4.  At the time of posting this I am down 4 lbs.  My end goal is 125 lbs and I am already 5% there.  The featured image for me in this post is me between 185.4 and 184.5 lbs at a weekend airsoft event.

I also miss the outdoor activities that I used to have the time to do when I went to school, camping, hiking, geocaching, and more.  So I plan to post about my various adventures and let you enjoy them along with me.  Just maybe I will be motivated to lose the other 57 lbs.

The idea for this blog came from the idea that I enjoy writing.  I am a freelance writer and work gigs on Fiverr.com.  I also have a blog/website for my writing both professional and creative, http://iandscofield.com.  I figured what better way is there than to motivate my weight loss with writing.


In case you were wondering what my About Me page says here you go:


Hello and my name is Ian!  Many of you might be wondering who I am after stumbling upon my website.  I am just an average person who has decided to take a stand against food and lose weight but I wanted to make it public to help fuel my weight loss goals.  At the start of planning this blog I weighed 188.5 lbs, before even opening the blog to the public I was down to 185.4 pounds.  That is a 3.1 lbs drop and that is roughly 5% of my goal of losing just over 60 lbs.  I also hope that my stories help to inspire those who are having trouble losing weight to start their own path.

A little more in depth I am a security officer and most of my days at work I walk a lot.  I started to gain weight initially when I was in college but then lost over 30 lbs.  Once I started working in grocery stores and drug stores though I was quick to put the weight back on.  Having 30 minutes or less on most days for lunch didn’t help that.  My goal in life is to get into a police department or end up in another field that I enjoy.  To get into a police department though you need to be in tip-top shape this is my biggest motivation behind losing weight.  I also want to lose weight simply so it is easier to find clothes.

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