App Review: MoveUp! Sitting Alert

MoveUp! Sitting Alert
MoveUp Sitting Alert for Android Wear

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I downloaded this app because it promised to be an alert to remind me to stand up and take breaks from sitting at the desk working.  It looks nice but simple.  The app starts out with a simple screen that lets you turn on or off the detection features.  In order to access any of the settings you need to pay a fee.  Once you access settings you can change the time between alerts, what kind of alerts you get, and how frequently you are reminded.

MoveUp! Screenshot
Very plain layout with settings on a separate window despite the abundance of room on the front page.

When I first downloaded this app I was happy that I would have motion alerts on my Moto 360.  I set the alarms to go off every 45 minutes and sat down to write.  Nothing came after 45 minutes.  For two days no alarms.  I decided to reopen the app the next day and found that while the alarms were still enabled my premium status had disappeared.  I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, my premium status was back.  Despite my premium status alarms still would not show up.

Going back onto Google Play I decided to look at the reviews (I hadn’t before because it was in the Google Play “What’s Hot” section) and there were more negative reviews than positive.  Most of the recent ones having to do with issues with my watch.  I emailed the developers asking for a refund because the app does not work.  I will update this once I hear back from the developers.


Three days after writing this review I decided to give MoveUp! another try, this time I was able to get the get up and move notifications on my Moto 360 but unfortunately I was not able to clear them. I would get up and move but the alarm would not go away.  Swiping it away would only temporarily get rid of the notification.  I would still not recommend this app as the developers have still not gotten back to me.

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