Workweek Hustle Results and New Challenge

Workweek Hustle

The results are in for the Workweek Hustle Challenge on Fitbit this week.  I didn’t come in on top, but I am fine with that.  I came in in 7th place with 55,175 steps.  I was only about 900 steps away from coming in 6th place, but the challenge did its job.  Over the week I felt motivated to get more steps in.  I probably would have been fifth or fourth if I hadn’t slacked one day this last week.  I successfully got in more steps than the previous week though.

For more on the Workweek Challenge check out my post on the start of the challenge.

Weekend Warrior

In order to continue the motivation I started a Weekend Warrior challenge with some of my Fitbit friends.  The Weekend Warrior Fitbit Challenge is exactly the same as the Workweek Hustle Challenge except that it is judged by your total step count for Saturday and Sunday.  There are only four people participating but I am currently in the lead and plan to stay that way.  I will be the Weekend Warrior (this weekend at least).

Weekend Warrior Challenge

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