Last Weeks Geocaching Adventures

This last week I decided to post all of my Geocaching adventures in one post because I did quite a bit.  I also purchased some Geocaching Gear that I will be reviewing this week once I get the chance to use it all.

Another Street End Park


This cache was an interesting find for me.  I lived not too far from this one when I was growing up and Another Street End Park is a water entrance that is located just off the street.  I used to go to a different park frequently, but this one was a lot nice.  Finding the cache here was a little difficult.  My phone’s GPS kept moving around and indicating different trees.  After looking at the hint I looked at multiple trees but couldn’t find it.  After stopping, thinking about it and trying the first tree I looked at again, I found it.  Based off the Hint this cache wasn’t really located where it should have been.

Entrance to the beach.

Paper or Plastic


My first Geocache for the day (8/12/2015) was Paper or Plastic.  It was a fairly easy find from where I parked by the Washington Park Playfield.  The cache was up an incredibly steep hill that I didn’t have any problem going up but when it came time to going down the path I had to fight to not run or fall on my butt and slide down.

The idea behind this cache is great but it seems that people looked for it without reading the description.  Inside the Geocache are two different logs, one made out of paper and one made out of plastic.  Someone who had found the cache recently hadn’t put them back in because they said they hadn’t fit.  I was able to put both in with no problem.  To find out which log I signed you will have to find the cache too.

Billy Goats


Billy Goats was the next cache that I found.  I am really jealous because this cache was placed by a group of middle school students.  I would have loved to have known about geocaching when I was in middle school, I have always loved puzzles and Geocaching is a puzzle that you can do in real life.  The Billy Goats cache was fairly easy to find but it was in a really cool place.  I was wondering how the cache would be hidden in the open, but they did a good job.  Unfortunately, I was only able to find one of the four trackers that were logged as being stashed in the container.

Small Hanging Camo’d Bison


I followed Billy Goats up with my favorite cache of the day, the Small Hanging Camo’d Bison.  Anyone who has done Geocaching for a substantial amount of time would know that a Bison tube is a common method for hiding a small cache.  This cache, without giving anything away, is one bison of a cache.  I used one of my favorite points for this cache because of the creativity of the hider!  This cache is right next to the playground I used to play in as a kid and it brought back memories seeing the playground again.


I remember one winter at the park where I caught my foot and ended up spraining my ankle.  As a kid I never broke a bone but that day it hurt so bad we thought I had broken it.  Went to the hospital because all of the doctors offices were closed and it didn’t end up being anything serious.

Down the Hare’s Hole


This is a geocache that I have gone in search of before.  Last time I looked for this I found the tree it was in but wasn’t able to find the bison tube hanging.  I found it this time and logged it.  I don’t know how I missed it before.  This cache is pretty cool though, in a hole in the bottom of a tree just like the name would suggest.  If only the Arboretum bunnies would let me pet them!  I tried but the only bunny I saw took off like a rocket, nowhere near as tame as the ones near my work where you can get withing five feet of them before they will run.

Honeysuckle Hill


If you go after this cache stay on paths, there are some tests going on in the area.  The test areas are flagged off with tape.

Honeysuckle Hill was my next cache on Tuesday.  This one was in a cool location, a bushed in path that was pretty secluded from most of the park.  What made this unique is that a lot of the bushes that were in the park when I was a kid were removed to make it more open.  I miss that.  The Arboretum was a place that seemed very remote in the city.  Honeysuckle Hill was a relatively simple cache, just hidden up on a cool, secret hill.  The one problem with this cache was that there were spider webs everywhere.  By the time I left Honeysuckle Hill I had spider webs all over my hair and shirt.

Sophie’s Stash


Sophie’s stash was very similar to another cache I found in the park.  What I liked about this one was that it looked like you couldn’t approach it from the park at first but then when you got to the right part on the trail there is a patch that leads through the tall grass.  A cool wooden bridge leads across the water and when you are looking for this cache make sure that you are careful of things that may have been left behind by muggles (non-cachers).  There were some disgusting little surprises in the area that I was happy I avoided.

Scooby-Doo Cache at the Aboretum


The Scooby-Doo cache was the last one I found for the day at the arboretum.  I don’t really get why it was called a Scooby-Doo cache but it was found in the open.  This was the first cache of this type I had found, it was disguised to look like another object.  It was right nearby a really nice sitting log.  Right as I was grabbing this cache someone walked by on the trail that could see right where this cache was.  I was a little surprised that the person kept on going without so much as a glance in my direction.

I found a total of six more Geocaches last week.  GC1GTK1GC4K7M1GC2HBGXGC21Y6GGC4YZDH, and GC1AK6B.  Overall I had a pretty fun Geocaching week but I exhausted all of the caches in the area of my dad’s house.  Now I will need to go farther afoot next time I visit.  Overall the Geocaching motivated me heavily to get out.  I wanted to get all the caches I could this week and want to continue to get more (probably my ADHD kicking in there).


Because I went out after a 12 hour work day and found GC21Y6G on Saturday I earned the above souvenir on my Geocaching profile.  Saturday was International Geocaching day and anyone who attended the block party or found caches on that day were able to receive this on their profile.

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