Weekly Weigh In

Current Weight: 183.5

Weight Change This Week: -1 LBS

Total Weight Lost: 5 lbs

Today is Monday and the start of a new week, that means it’s time for my weekly weigh in.  Today I weighed in at 183.5 lbs.  That means today I made my first five pounds lost milestone.  Fitbit awarded me with a cool badge for meeting this goal.


I am quite happy at this point because it means that I am well on my way to losing even more weight.  I only lost a total of one pound this week so I still need to up my game for next week.  Due to the challenge though I only had one day where I was under my step goal.  Maybe it is a coincidence that weigh in day happens to be the same day that I found that I won the Weekend Warrior step challenge from the other day.  Here are the results:

Screenshot of ResultsFor those that can’t see it I won with 29,177 steps with the closest being 26,297 steps.  On Saturday I was in the lead for the whole day until Stephanie started catching up in the evening.  Then because I had a late start to the day yesterday Stephanie was ahead of me for a while.  I took charge of the steps though when I did an evening Geocaching and came in with the win.  This Weekend Warrior Challenge was a big confidence booster since it came in combination with the milestone in my weight loss!


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