Fitness App Review: Pact – Commit To You

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Pact is the fitness app that creates motivation in users through the bet that you will be able to workout (or eat healthy).  You set how many days you aim to work out each week and how much you are willing to lose for each of the days you don’t workout.  For example, I currently have it set to meet my step goal or work out five days a week.  For each day that I miss I would owe $5 to Pact.  If I meet my goal of five days of working out each week I get around $1.11 total for the week.

So far this week I am at one day met because it is only the second day of the week.  If I get in some 8,200 steps I will be able to meet my second day of the week and another circle will be filled in.

Current Pact Screenshot

This may not seem like a lot but think of it this way, I get money just for getting in better shape.  At first I was worried about being able to meet my goal five days a week, now that five dollars is on the line for each day that I miss I have been out and improving my step number every day.  So far I have yet to miss a day.  I have pushed it going on late walks in order to get my count in.

In order to detect my steps I had to connect my Pact account to my Fitbit account.  Every day I get 10,000 steps counts towards a completed workout pact day.  However you can choose to do 30 minutes of biking, jogging, or time at the gym.  You can sync other apps such as MapMyRun.

As of writing this I am thinking I will up my Pact requirement to six days a week.  This will give me one day to be under my requirements if needed but both up my fitness and increase the amount of money I can make from the fitness app each week.  The one key feature I have yet to try is payments, you need to make $10 before you can apply to have your Pact balance transferred to PayPal so that will be a key test of this fitness app.  Here is what a completed week looks like on the app screen.

Pact Fitness App Completed Week


I think it would be great if Pact would include a couple of features.  First, when you go to update your Pact it would be great if they would include a way to see what the difference in potential payout would be based on the changes you make.  Integrating a social aspect similar to Fitbit would also make this fitness app more motivational.  If your friends could regularly see your progress it would make you more likely to want to finish it.

One thing that all users need to realize before installing this fitness app is that the company is in it to make money.  If you get an injury or for some legitimate reason there is no option to pause a weekly pact once the week has started.  Similarly, stopping your weekly pact should you decide that you do not like this fitness app is not easy.

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