Geocaching Adventures from 8/17/2015

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours Geocaching in Seward Park.  Not far from where I grew up I never explored the hill portions of this park.  This is one of the best settings in Seattle for Geocaching adventures if you are looking for a true wilderness feeling.  There is a mixture of primitive trails and gravel trails that allow you to explore an environment that is natural.  Just a heads up though, on most of the trails there are no bikes allowed.  Sorry, I didn’t check my Fitbit at the start to get my starting steps but I believe I walked around 6,000 steps during my Geocaching adventure.

Here is another picture of a cool tree from my Geocaching adventures.

Another cool tree found on my Geocaching adventures

Druantia’s Cache


This Geocache was inspired by a Galic Tree Goddess and was a cool way to start my geocaching adventures for the day.  I almost didn’t notice it because it was very well hidden in a part of the tree that you had to crane to look at.  This part of the park is outside of the main wilderness trails so there were signs of the homeless that I didn’t want to put my hands near, I am also short so I am not sure I would have been able to reach it easily anyways.  I am glad I recently purchased a Tekton Pick-Up Tool from Amazon that allows you to pick up metal objects that are up to 8 lbs.  With the magnetic tool, I was able to easily pick up the cache without even bending over too far and put it back once I had signed it.

A Piece of Geocaching Video History


This Geocache is featured in the official video about hiding Geocaches.  As such I figured this cache would be a lot harder to find.  Instead as I was walking up the trail I was able to easily spot the cache hiding area because it didn’t fit with the things around it.  The container for this cache was cool, but unfortunately it has succumbed to the rain Seattle is so famous for and on my Geocaching adventures I found that this cache was mildly wet but sealed in a plastic bag which prevented the paper from getting soggy.

Have you heard this one? lol


For the last part of my Geocaching adventures yesterday I found this cache.  The cache owner dedicated this Geocache to his father who passed away.  The description contains the story of his father’s life and in return he asks you to post a story or a joke when logging this cache.  I have yet to decide what story or joke to post with this cache, but it was an interesting hide.  If you are going on Geocaching adventures of your own just be wary that my GPS took me to a different tree.

Overall I had a great time exploring the forest of Seward Park during my Geocaching adventures from 8/17/2015.  I took several wrong turns though due to using a cell phone instead of a regular GPS.  All of the trees degrade the signal.  I have ordered a GPS which should hopefully arrive this weekend.  Before I go I will leave you with a picture of the wood bridge that serves as an entrance to the trail systems from where I started.

Wood Bridge Found on Geocaching Adventures

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