Posting Schedule for Regular Content

My friends and family have been asking what my posting schedule is so I figured I would let those interested know now that I have been operating the blog for a couple of weeks and have ironed out an idea of how I am going to work it.  I have several different types of posts with different schedules: Weekly Weigh Ins, Informational Content, Geocaching Adventures, and Fitbit stats.

Weekly Weigh In Posting Schedule

My weekly weigh in day is Monday.  Every Monday I will post a weigh in along with a general summary of the last week or something fitness related.  The posting schedule for weigh-ins will be fairly regular unless I am out of town or unable to use a scale.

Here is an example.

Informational Content Posting Schedule

Information content is what I use to refer to my regular posts such as app reviews, fitness reviews, activities, and articles.  The posting schedule for this content is every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am, with the exception of today where I was a little late.  I will also randomly add in additional informational content to help spice up your work week.  This content is what makes up my blog.  I always welcome suggestions and ideas.

Here and here are examples.

Geocaching Adventures Posting Schedule

The posting schedule for my Geocaching Adventures isn’t set in stone because the times and dates that I go caching aren’t set in stone.  Typically I will post updates the day after I go caching.  If I find a lot of caches I may do a bulk posting on Sunday.  I usually go Geocaching at least twice a week now that I am stepping up my walking.

Here is an example.

Fitbit Stats Posting Schedule

As I am a firm believer in my Fitbit helping me lose weight, my post schedule for Fitbit stats is every day between 07:00 am and 08:00 am.  I use IFTTT (If This Than That Recipes) to post my daily stats automatically since it is not a feature that Fitbit natively supports.  Unfortunately, IFTTT does not allow me to specify a specific time.  These updates are titled Daily Activity.

Here is an example.

Other Posting Schedule Information

Updates such as this one typically are unscheduled.  If I have news for my visitors I will let you know as soon as I can.  Updates will always appear in the category Updates.  I also post Fitbit and Geocaching badges/souvenirs as I earn them.

I am currently working on more content ideas.  As with my introduction I am still testing what works and what doesn’t.  If you have any content ideas that you would like to see me write about leave a comment or email me at  I have more fitness products to write about and test.  I will also be trying out apps and websites and letting you know how they work.

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