Fitbit Cons – Three Things Fitbit Should Change

You probably saw my last post Fitbit Benefits – Three Things I Like About Fitbit and since you are reading this you are probably already aware that I am a big fan of Fitbit.  Fitbit isn’t perfect though and there are several things I wish to see from Fitbit or to see Fitbit improve upon, these are the Fitbit Cons.  Don’t let yourself be discouraged by these Fitbit Cons, the Fitbit is still a great device.  These just serve to let you know where Fibit could stand to improve.

Fitbit Cons #1 – Skin Irritation

The Fitbit Force, which is very similar in appearance to the Fitbit Charge HR, was pulled from shelves due to skin irritation.  Rereleasing their product under a new name didn’t fix the problem.  Big surprise.  The Fitbit Charge HR has a band that can still cause irritation to the skin.  The irritation caused by the fitness tracker can be annoying but isn’t permanent.  It is known as contact dermatitis.  The amount of irritation varies and seems to be mostly only if I sweat.


Despite the fact that it looks like my Fitbit tracker was on too tight, it isn’t.  That redness is from irritation due to the tracker.  It doesn’t hurt though and as far as I can tell has no health impact so I put up with it.  I still can’t wait until Winter when this will stop happening.

Fitbit Cons #2 – Not Always On Display

In my opinion Fitbit would greatly benefit from an Always On Display.  This would allow users of the fitness tracker to see their progress.  I could care less with it providing me the time.  I want to see the progress bar whenever I look down at my Fitbit.  I don’t want to have to tap my Fitbit or hit the button every time I want to watch my progress.  As I have said before, I find progress bars very motivational because I feel like they are just begging to be filled in.

Fitbit has gotten this question before it seems and they have answered by stating that the always on display would eat up the battery life.  With battery life of around a week though it wouldn’t be that bad if you cut the battery life by 3/4 or even a half.  You would still have multiple days on the same charge.  Others may not agree but this is a feature that I would like to see implemented.  Fitbit could also set it up so that users could decide whether they wanted to have it always on or not.

Fitbit Cons #3 – No Get Up Reminder

This may be the biggest one of the Fitbit cons mentioned, simply because I am a forgetful person.  I would very much like it if the Fitbit tracker included a get up reminder that tells you if you have been sitting for too long.  Several other trackers have this feature.  Sitting for too long can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts because you aren’t giving your body the power it needs to process the intake of foods.  Studies have shown that getting up regularly can help you lose weight  and is better for your body than sitting at the computer for hours straight.

Now that you have seen my Fitbit cons list you probably are a little quizzical about buying a Fitbit.  I have to say, it is the best fitness investment that I have made so far.  I look down at it and feel motivated to make more out of myself.  Still wearing it despite the fact that I get negative reactions from the band should show you that I love my Fitbit.  If anyone knows of a fitness tracker that might be better, let us know and I will consider looking further into it.

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