Aria Scale and Weekly Check-in Update

Due to my last scale giving me different results I walked all the way to Fred Meyer (about 3,500 steps each way) and bought an Aria scale which can be found here.  I first went to Bartell Drugs then Fred Meyer to look at non-smart scales.  However, upon looking each one up on Amazon I encountered bad reviews.  So I turned to what I know best, Fitbit and bit the bullet to get the Fitbit Aria Scale.  So far after some updating the scale was fairly consistent.  I plan that after I have been able to use it for a little while to write more about it.  The setup of the scale wasn’t too hard and can be conducted from a smartphone.  My only issue with the scale is that the home appliances are between the WiFi and the scale, making it difficult to connect the scale at times.  If it doesn’t connect right away though, I can just pick it up and walk a few feet for it to connect.

Weekly Weigh-In With Aria Scale

As I predicted my week last week wasn’t as effective as it could have been.  I only lost about .1 lbs, leaving me at 183.4.  I know this update is later in the week then it should have been but the weight actually comes from Wednesday night when I had time to work on the scale but not enough time to write a post about it.  I still am not that upset about not losing more weight but happy at the fact that I have lost some weight.  I hope to continue the weight loss process.  I have received my weights and have been bringing them to work so that I can lift them while I am sitting at desks and still be active.

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