Losing Weight – Weekly Check-In

It’s been almost a month since I started this blog and I am continuing losing weight.  As of yesterday I was down to 182.6 lbs.  I went out and found a couple of Geocaches is the neighborhood of my home and have been making an effort to walk more.  Every day that I wasn’t driving a patrol car at work I used my weights while sitting at the desks.  I think that part of the reason I lost less weight this week was because of the weights helping my muscles to return.

Also over last week I started looking for more Fitbit compatible apps.  So far I have yet to find any more that would be useful for motivation.  I found FitBit RPG which looked fun and helpful but once I set up an account in the app it stopped loading.  I can’t even get into the app.

Losing Weight Goal Changes

This week I made two changes to my goals for losing weight.  I feel like the extra push will pay off.  First, I raised my step goal.  My step goal is now 12,000 steps per day from the previous 10,000.  This will get me extra steps during the week and encourage the burning of more calories.

Second, I have increased my goal on Pact to 6/7 days of working out per week.  This will encourage me to meet that goal of 12,000 steps an extra day of the week or else pay the price.  I met the goal 6/7 days last week.

Losing Weight Inspiration

I recently finished a book by Cade Courtley titled SEAL Survival and while it is not directly towards losing weight inspiration, I found it quite good for that purpose.  I plan to write a review on it for tomorrow’s post.  Tune in tomorrow for the summary.

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