Weight Lifting Kettle Bell Review and Exercises

I have mentioned several times that I bought two kettlebells for weight lifting at the desk when I am at work and even when I am at home.  After doing some research, I found that the maximum weight that you should be continuously lifting if you are the “average” male is 10 lbs.  By continuously lifting I mean for use over a period of time, such as a shift, while sitting at your desk.

Starting last week I have been bringing one of kettlebells to work when I am sitting at a desk so that I can just pick it up randomly throughout the day and add a little bit of muscle building to my day.  The weight training, though at low poundage, has been making my arms sore because of the continuous nature and I feel like it has been working.  I guess it will take probably another couple months before I see serious results from it but I am going to keep my mind open.  Weight lifting are your desk is fun and can really help pass the boring days.

The Weight Lifting Kettlebells

I picked CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebell from Amazon as my tool for weight lifting.  The CAP Kettlebell is filled with cement which makes its form factor a little bit bigger than your average kettlebell which may be a problem for some.  I was not looking for a kettlebell for “extreme belling” as one reviewer called it.  Despite some negative reviews the CAP Kettlebell does have 4.2-stars on Amazon.  About 56% of the reviews are 5-star reviews, another 20% are 4-star reviews.  I also wasn’t looking for the most expensive or fancy weights on the market.  Maybe I should outline what I was looking for in my kettlebells:

  • Easy to transport
  • Very affordable in case they get damaged or lost at work
  • 10 lbs
  • Durable but they don’t need to be drop proof because I won’t be doing that at work

So far these kettlebells have met all of my needs really well.  I would give them a rating of 5-stars for my purposes.  Your average entry level weightlifter, who these are targeted at, won’t be looking for something for “extreme belling” right off the bat.

Weight Lifting Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is a pretty traditional exercise.  You can do it with kettlebells or dumbbells.  Start by gripping the weight with your palm facing inwards and then pull the weight up towards your shoulder.  If you are doing one arm at a time do 10-20 reps (depending on your comfortability) then switch arms.  Keep the upper arm straight and only lift the lower arm towards your shoulder.  Don’t forget to breathe!  This exercise will work out your upper arm muscles.

Weight Lifting Arm Raises

Okay, I’ll admit that this probably isn’t what this weight training exercise is actually named but I remember this one from when I was working out with various personal trainers.  With your arms at your sides take the kettlebell in your hand and your palms facing inward.  Lift the kettlebell with your arm straight so that your arm reaches the point of being parallel with the deck.  Let your arm slowly go back down to your side.  As with all weight lifting exercises you are going to want to move your arm slowly to increase the muscle use.  Don’t let your arm fall down fast than bounce back up, this will hinder your muscle building and calorie burning attempts.

Weight Lifting Strict Press

I didn’t know the name of this one or even have an idea of what to call it, maybe a mind blank or something, but I found the name “strict press” on Cube Dweller Fitness.  Start with your arm straight up, palm facing out.  As you lower your arm keep the kettlebell held high so that your arm bends.  You can even do this one sitting down if you have an office place that frowns on people standing up.  Although you should be standing up regularly because it is healthy to stand up and walk a little bit every hour.

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