Tricep Dips / Tricep Desk Dips

This will be my first Finish it Friday post.  In these posts I will be giving you an exercise that you can do at your desk or on your lunch break.  These posts will come out every Friday at 10:00 AM.  The main point of these posts will be to give you something to help you finish your Friday strong.

Tricep dips are a very common exercise for many people but a fair amount of them never think of doing them at their desk.  They are quite simple to do at your desk and can also be done while on your lunch break anywhere you are.  Before attempting to do tricep dips make sure your desk is strong enough to support your weight.

How to perform Tricep Dips

Stand faced away from your desk and put both palms on the edge of the desk several inches away from your body.  Lower yourself away from the desk until your arms at a 90 degree angle.  Continue to dip yourself down for 10-20 times.  Take a thirty-second break and repeat.  For every dip your arms should go down to a 90 degree angle then go straight again.  The workout is for your triceps so make sure that the upper arm is doing all the work, not your legs.

Make sure that while you are dipping your shoulders are kept back and not hunched forward at all.  This will create bad posture and help promote it as you continue to workout.

Here is a video from Howcast on how to properly perform a tricep dip workout:

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