Weekly Posts to Expand the Motivation

After doing some thinking I decided to stop doing the daily activity updates and have moved to doing a new post Monday through Friday.  This will give you something to read every day.  It will also give me a little bit of extra motivation ever day to help you.  I plan to replace the daily activity updates in some form but have yet to decide how.  There is still no built-in WordPress feature for Fitbit.  What I might do is include in the Monday check-in post what my step count was for every day of the previous week.  We will find out Monday.   Here is the new weekly posts schedule:

Monday – Weekly Check-in/Weigh-in
Tuesday – New Informational Content
Wednesday – Motivation Quotes
Thursday – New Informational Content
Friday – Finish it Friday Exercise

There will still be randomly added bonus content occasionally.

Weekly Posts – Motivational Wednesdays

Wednesday is hump day, for someone of the hardest days to get through.  Every Wednesday I will post a motivational quote to help you get through your work week and to help you and I keep up with our fitness goals.  These posts will be called Motivational Wednesdays.

Weekly Posts – Finish It Fridays

There is nothing more important than finishing your week off strong.  Not getting the steps in or the workouts in that you want can plague you all weekend.  To help inspire you to finish it off strong on Fridays I will post a new exercise every Friday at about 10:00 AM.  These exercises will be easy to do at your workspace or on lunch.  These won’t be exercises that will kill you.  My goal isn’t to give you a dead Friday but to give you a fulfilling Friday.  If any equipment is needed I will let you know.



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