Monday Check-in

This week I made over the amount of steps that I walked the previous week.  One day was low and one day was extremely high.  I hope this coming week is as good.

Monday 8/316,079 Steps
Tuesday 9/1 12,319 Steps
Wednesday 9/2 12,015 Steps
Thursday 9/313,667 Steps
Friday 9/412,424 Steps
Saturday 9/523,269 Steps
Sunday 9/612,319 Steps

Overall it was a pretty productive week.  That is a lot of steps for one week coming out to a total of: 92,092 Steps.  As of weighing myself yesterday I was down to 181.6 lbs.  That is an additional .8 lbs down.  Not only that my shirts and pants are fitting looser than they previously have.  My t-shirts no longer cling to my body.  This is an amazing feeling to have clothes that didn’t fit now fit better.  I wonder if next week I can make them fit even better?

Additionally, for this coming week I upped my Pact with the Pact App.  I now have to log my food on all 7 days.  The pact requires me to log 3 meals a day (snacks are included as a meal).  This will not only earn a little bit of money but help encourage the logging of food.  Over the last week I also started a new Instagram and Twitter to better help the website and my goals.  There is also a new header image that will be tested out this week.

Another week down and more to come!

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