Weight Loss and Why I am Doing It

I have some weight loss targets and fitness goals.  In the past I talked about my reasons for creating Bettering Me to get a better level of fitness for both health and career reasons.  But I didn’t go into that much depth about why I wanted to lose weight and my goals.  I wanted to go into more detail about both so that you can better understand me and my goals.

My Weight Loss Goals

My weight when starting on this journey was 188.5 lbs.  Too heavy for someone like me.  My BMI was over 30, into the obese zone.  For a reference I am five foot four and half inches.  My end goal is 125 lbs.  I want to drop inches of my belt line and off the rest of me too.  I have ordered a body tape measure in order to better track those statistics.  My current waist size is between 36 and 38 depending on the brand that I am wearing and the cut of the pants.

Starting Weight – 188.5
Goal Weight – 125
Height – 5 foot 4.5 inches
Waist Size – 31

I would like to reach near my goal weight around May of 2016.  There is a lot of weight loss to undergo but I am off to a good start with just about 7 lbs lost so far.

Weight Loss
My most recent full body photo. Despite the gear you can see that I still have some extra pounds.

With a wedding coming up in a year it would be great to engage in some serious weight loss.  By the time of the wedding I would like to be down to at least a waist size of 32.  Seeing as how I have already gone down two belt holes on my regular belt and adjust my duty belt once with the need to adjust it again, I don’t see how I could not hit that goal.

My Fitness Goals

Beyond just weight loss goals I have fitness goals that I want to meet.  I want to end up with more than just a smaller body.  There are certain activities I want to be able to perform with no trouble.  These standards for fitness are outlined by the Washington State Criminal Justice Council.  The actual testing is administered by Public Safety Testing and more information can be found here.  Here are the goals I would like to be able to make:

Sit-ups – 38 Sit-ups*
Push-ups – 35 Repetitions*
1.5 Mile Run – 13:55 Minutes
300 Meter Run – 60 Seconds

* indicates that the event has a maximum number of repetitions.

I can already do the maximum number of push-ups, but I have a little bit of trouble with sit-ups.  Weight loss would greatly help me with my sit-up goals especially because it will eliminate fat that gets in the way.  I can master the sit-ups though.  Where I really need the work is the mile and a half run and the sprint.  Both of these activities I have always had trouble with.  When it comes to chasing after someone though I have never had a problem.

The Reasons and Motivation Behind My Weight Loss

There are a lot of reasons that I decided to start my weight loss and fitness journey.  In my junior/senior years of college I got in a weight loss kick.  It led to me losing around 40 lbs.  A significant amount of weight to shed.  After college when I started working in plain clothes in grocery stores I started to gain the weight back by being surrounded by food and having a busy schedule.  I had also already passed my fitness tests for multiple law enforcement agencies.  Weight loss lost a priority in my mind.

It didn’t take long for me to gain the weight I had lost back.  I even gained an additional eight pounds with it.  After having some issues at work I started to bring fitness back into my mind.  I bought a Fitbit Charge HR.  What I didn’t do was aim to hit my goal every day and surpass it.  It wasn’t until I took a 4th of July vacation in California that helped open my eyes.

One night I was sitting there writing and talking with my aunt and she brought up my need to lose weight.  This is an aunt that I have always connected with so it hit home when she was very blunt about it.  What it also did was help push the idea that I needed to get more serious about weight loss.  My aunt is a big reason why I started to undertake this journey.

With some of the issues I have had at work I have also wanted to get into better shape.  It reminded me that I wanted to get into law enforcement.  The whole reason I got a Criminal Justice degree after all.

Now that I am engaged I have also wanted to lose weight.  Being at an ideal weight for my wedding would be amazing.  Currently, our plans are to get married in the winter of 2016/2017.   By then I should be at least waist size 32. We want there to be snow involved but haven’t decided on an exact location.  Looking sharp with a much lighter weight would make me feel much better at the wedding.

Knowing my weight loss and fitness goals along with my motivation will better help you understand my journey.  If you have any questions for me I would be happy to answer them.  Depending on the nature of the question it may take me longer to answer but this blog is about being open.

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