Weekly Check-In

And it’s time again for another weekly check-in.  This week I lost another pound.  I am down to 180.6 lbs.  Overall I had a fairly productive week when it came to steps.

Monday 9/7 – 1,381 Steps
Tuesday 9/8 13,433 Steps
Wednesday 9/9 – 15,497 Steps
Thursday 9/10 – 14,365 Steps
Friday 9/11 – 12,947 Steps
Saturday 9/12 – 28,915 Steps
Sunday 9/13 – 10,001 Steps

As you can see Monday was very weak but the rest of the week was pretty strong with the exception of Sunday.  Sunday I did not meet my 12,000 step goal but I still met the Pact goal of 10,000.  My feet were pretty sore from the day before.  I had a total of 96,539 steps.  That is about 4,000 more steps walked than the week before.

I am happy to be at a point where I have conquered two belt loop sizes.  Unfortunately, my beloved belt that I have had for years broke this morning when going to put my work pants on.  The belt was old and the leather was starting to fall apart.  It is just a little sad to see a belt go that has lasted for so long.  What it does do is give me an opportunity to go out and look for smaller belts.

Over last week I also found a new apartment that I will be moving into in not too long.  The idea of this move makes me really happy and I am hoping that the slightly bigger kitchen will give us enough room that we can cook more often.  There is also a yard and stairs.  Overall, I think it will be more conducive to my weight loss efforts.  Having a good place to come home to makes it easier to relax and be fresh for the next morning.  Sleep is an important part of the weight loss process and not getting enough of it can hurt your weight loss goals.

A Website Glitch

Over the weekend Google Analytics made me aware that there was a glitch with the post Weight Loss and Why I am Doing It.  Somehow the URL to the post became corrupted.  It needed a new home and it was assigned one.  As I posted over the weekend, the post is back up and viewable.

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