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NooDum, which I find suspiciously close to No Dumb, is an app company that created Wokamon, a Fitbit Connect App turned game.  The idea behind the game is that you have a collection of creatures that grow the more that you walk.  The more your creature grows, the more crystals you earn.  You can also get more creatures based on how much you walk.  These aren’t just normal creatures, that are the weirdest creatures you could think of.  Here are just a few of them:

Three Wokamon - Fitbit Connected App

You can also upgrade your Wokamon with clothes and accessories that are unique to each Wokamon.  Each Wokamon can have three different clothing items.

Spyke Clothes - Fitbit Connected App

As you can see each one of these accessories has a price in crystals below it.  Crystals are earned through drops of boxes but also through tapping the screen.  Whenever you buy one of these accessories it multiplies the amount of XP that you gain from walking, making it easier to level up.  There is also a star system that allows you to earn stars to unlock large amounts of crystals.  Stars can be earned through random drops and by unlocking in-app achievements.

You may be thinking, I don’t have a Fitbit so this app won’t do anything for me.  Wrong.  There are a variety of ways to log your steps for Wokamon.  You can use it as a Fitbit Connected App like I do, a MI Band, Google Fit, or your phone itself.  Of course, a fitness tracker is the more accurate way of tracking your steps but you can join in the fun as long as you have an Android or Apple phone.

What I Think of Wokamon The Fitbit Connected App Game

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I love Wokamon.  And once again, the reviews I do here are NOT paid.  Wokamon is the reason that I had over 28,000 steps on Saturday the 12th.  It is also the reason why I had over 17,000 steps yesterday.  In their press release Kit NooDum says that over 60% of users became more active when using Wokamon and I don’t doubt it.  Like many other apps out there it manages to hook you and make you want to level up.  The more you walk the more you can play.

The characters and accessories are also really inventive.  I enjoy seeing what I will get next.  So far each character has had fairly unique accessories, the only similarities that I have seen have been one has had an acoustic guitar while another has had an electric bass.  The only reason I noticed this was because I choose two characters that both happened to have guitars.

One big benefit that this app has: lack of pay-to-win.  There is the ability to buy stars but why would you do that when walking will help you level up and earn more crystals?  Buying stars isn’t required for the game in any way.

The only problem I was able to find with this game is that you don’t get credit for sharing the Wokamon like you are supposed to.  I don’t have much of an issue with this, although it would be nice.  Overall everything else works and I haven’t had any issues with the app crashing.  Much nicer than the other Fitbit Connected App game that I tried, FitRPG.  Stay tuned for more reviews of Fitbit Connected Apps and other informational content.

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