Angled Push-ups for Finish It Friday

Push-ups are a very common workout activity, they are simple and don’t require any special equipment to perform.  Additionally, they are used on many different physical fitness tests from the military to law enforcement to sporting teams.  When you are at the office though it is hard to do traditional push-ups, that is where angled push-ups come into play.  While they may not be as aggressive as a traditional push-up they still provide you with a workout and you can perform angled push-ups almost anywhere.

Angled push-ups can be done anywhere you have a surface to place your hands against.  Angled push-ups are performed in the exact same manner that a tradition push-up is performed.

There are two main concepts for how many push-ups you should do at a time.  The traditional method is to perform 20 repetitions of push-ups then hold in the lean and rest position (arms extended head at 90 degrees).

The other typical stance on how many push-ups you should do is to continue on until you burn out or cannot do anymore.  This method is becoming increasingly more frowned upon because it is can damage the body and muscles.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself though.  Constantly push yourself to do more.

How To Perform Angled Push-Ups

Find a surface such as your desk and put yourself in the typical push-up position with the difference being that you are leaning against the desk.  The closer to a traditional push-up you get the more you work your muscles.  Your arms should be just over shoulder length apart and extended.

When you start your first push-up lower your arms to 90-degree angles.    Push yourself back up.  The slower that you lower and raise yourself, the better the workout.

You will want to make sure that at all times your back remains straight.  You will want to let your butt stick up in the air but you cannot let it.  Allowing your butt to rise into the air will significantly reduce the effectiveness of your workout.

Here is a video of how to perform a proper push-up.

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