Weekly Check-In

Hello!  This last week was not a bad week for many things.  We arranged movers and started packing.  However, when it comes to step goals, I was a little bit under a few days.  I actually missed two days on my Pact which is weird because when I looked at my Fitbit at midnight it registered over 10,000 steps.  I am beginning to wonder if Fitbit has some sort of scanning and auto-correction it performs every day to erase steps that it thinks were accidental readings.

While I am not too happy about this it isn’t the end of the world.  I will get back up on the horse and start again, better this week.  I spend most of the day packing today and so that is why this update is coming in so late.

Monday 9/14 – 17,439 Steps
Tuesday 9/15 10,818 Steps
Wednesday 9/16 – 5,505 Steps
Thursday 9/17 – 12,493 Steps
Friday 9/18 – 9,926 Steps
Saturday 9/19 – 23,252 Steps
Sunday 9/20 – 9,953 Steps

That makes for a total of 89,386 steps.

The Weekly Check-In Weigh In

So when it comes to weight this week I lost another pound (1 lbs) exactly.  This brings me below a good milestone to under 180 lbs at 179.6 lbs.  I am extremely happy about this because it means that I am making process.  It isn’t happening fast like a miracle but it is happening and I am making it happen.

Let’s see if I can do better next week and increase my step counts each day that I was under.

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