Weight Loss Milestones and How To Celebrate Them

Technology makes our lives easier.  There are a lot of different ways that it can help us out.  One of the many ways is tracking our weight loss goals.  Tracking our progress isn’t all that goes into motivation, though.  Setting weight loss milestones helps many people, including me, in losing weight and staying healthy.

While many weight loss apps and food tracking apps will include milestones for weight loss you can definitely come up with your own.  There are many milestones that you can come with to help encourage you to keep up with your goals.  Here are some great ways to track your weight loss progress with weight loss milestones!

Weight Loss Milestones

Weight Loss Milestones #1: The Great 5’s

There are many weight loss milestones that are multiples of five.  These come often so you need to decide which ones that you want to celebrate.  There are a lot of multiples of five so you should decide ahead of time which ones you wish to have as milestones.  These are the most popular:

  • First 5 lbs lost
  • First 10 lbs lost
  • 25 lbs lost
  • 50 lbs lost
  • 100 lbs lost

Weight Loss Milestones #2: The First Time Your Clothes Are Too Loose

This weight loss milestone is one of the most motivating.  Putting on your pants and noticing that they are too loose to wear makes you feel as if you have accomplished something.  Along the same train of thought putting on a pair of pants that didn’t use to fit and having them fit again is inspiring.  In my opinion, there is no better weight loss motivation.  I actually have a box of clothes from the start of college in my closet, I am hoping when I get to my goal weight, or before that it will fit.  After my move, I am going to go through them and see what I have in more detail.

Another similar goal is to lose notches on your belt.  Before my old belt broke I had lost 2 notches.  For both notches, I felt much better about my progress and each hole didn’t take too long.

Weight Loss Milestones #3: Your First Compliment

A lot of things that you notice about yourself can be good milestones but the best milestone is when someone else notices.  When your first comments start to come in it is time to celebrate.  It means that not only you have noticed but you have done such a good job that others are noticing.  The more people notice, the better you will feel.

I don’t know about you guys but one of the major reasons that I am trying to lose weight is so that I feel better.

Weight Loss Milestones #4: You Can Accomplish More Physically

One of the major goals of losing weight is to be able to accomplish more physically.  I have always been able to be physically active, but I want to be able to do the things that I have always had trouble with, running for example.  Being able to achieve something, such as a 6.5-minute mile, is a great milestone because it shows that you are closer to your final goal of being better, not just losing weight.

Weight Loss Milestones #5: You See it On Screen


Celebrating Your Weight Loss Milestones

Celebrating Weight Loss Milestones

You should celebrate all of your weight loss milestones, but you have to do it properly.  When trying to lose weight you avoid the foods that you want to eat, like cake and cookies.  Unfortunately, when celebrating a weight loss milestone you shouldn’t be eating junk food as a way to celebrate.  This will set you back.  I still have trouble with this sometimes.

Instead of eating here are some fun ways to celebrate weight loss milestones.

New Clothes

When losing weight one of the best ways to celebrate milestones is to buy new clothes.  It allows you to feel good about yourself and show that you are proud of what you have done.  You shouldn’t spend a fortune on new clothes because you are going to continue to lose weight.

Take on A New Outdoor Activity

Try taking on a new outdoor activity.  Hike a new trail or walk a new street.  This way you can continue your weight loss goals without spending money or setting back your goals.

Publicize It

Upon reaching weight loss milestones publicize it on Facebook or Twitter.  Others will see that you have met your goals and like it.  Even if it’s just your friends and family you will see that you have people who want you to succeed.

You never know, by publicizing your success you might be helping someone else who is trying to lose weight.

Find Healthy Treats

There are plenty of healthy treats you can find out there that are healthy.  Think banana chips or gluten free deserts.  Remember, don’t overdo it.  You don’t want to set yourself back.

The only person stopping you from achieving your milestones is you.  Get out there and achieve your milestones.  If you are curious about my milestones check out my new milestones page.

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