Bridge Exercise – Finish It Friday

Also known as the hip raise, bridges, butt exercises, and other names the bridge exercise is a great option for a quick office workout.  The bridge exercise is one that a lot of people who have worked with a trainer or have performed yoga know about but not everyone does.  Bridges are a wonderful exercise because they allow you to work out multiple parts of the body at the same time.  Bridge exercises work out the following parts of your body:

  • Abs
  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings

You can do the bridge exercise pretty much anywhere that you can find enough room to lay down.  It is best to make sure it is relatively clean if you can bring a yoga mat with you to work to give you a clean surface.  Not all workspaces are clean after all.  Other than the optional yoga mat there is no required equipment for the bridge exercise.

How To Do The Bridge Exercise

To start the bridge exercise lay on your back with your feet flat against the deck (floor).  Your legs will be just shy of straight up from the floor.  Your arms will be at your sides with the palms down on the floor.

Lift your hips from the floor towards the ceiling while keeping your thighs parallel.  Ensure that you are lifting from your hips and not the arms.  Lifting from the arms will take away from the workout that you receive from the bridge exercise.

Hold your legs up for 5 breathes or 5 seconds then slowly lower them back down to the floor.  Lowering your body fast to the floor can hurt your muscles and you will also gain a better exercise by lowering slowly.  Make sure that you hold your body parallel as much as possible.  This may be difficult at first but it will get easier.

Perform as many repetitions as you desire.  Many people do the bridge exercise until they can no longer hold the form.

Here is a video for how to do the bridge exercise:

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