Post Move Check-In

It’s been just over a week since my last post.  I was going to try and post while moving but things got a little too chaotic to handle.  I have a few updates to share and now that everything is moved I should be good to resume regular posting.

I know this is being posted a day late.  This is due to the move and work.

Weigh In

After moving my Aria scale was a little off kilter.  I believe my weight after a little bit off was about 180.6 lbs.  I gained weight this week but it doesn’t seem like it, my duty belt and regular belt fit looser.


I have stopped doing the Pact for food logging because it was actually causing me to gain weight.  I am hoping that without the regular food logging I will go back to losing weight.  And if my scale was right last week then I have.

Stay tuned for more articles and fitness fun!

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