Add Extra Steps to Your Day

There may be a variety of reasons that you are looking to add extra steps to your day.  For me it usually comes down to two, I want to make my goal or I want to level up my Wokamon creatures.  Other reasons include: burning more calories, competing with friends, challenging your own records,  Here are some great methods that I use to add extra steps to my day and that you can use to add extra steps to your day.

How To Add Extra Steps To Your Day

Move In Place

Add Extra Steps To Your Day - Move In Place

Sometimes we aren’t able to get up and walk around, maybe we are tied down in the office or in a location where it wouldn’t be appropriate.  When that happens you aren’t out of options.  You can start to move in place.  You can walk, jog, and even run in place to get your heart rate up and add extra steps to your day.  I do this often when I am working in the dispatch center.  When you use this option to add extra steps to your day you should remember to engage your body as much as possible.  Raise your legs up higher, move your arms, and breath.  This allows you to burn the most calories and make it closer to actually moving forward.

What isn’t moving in place is shaking your fitness band up and down.  Most modern fitness bands with heart sensors try to prevent this from being possible but they aren’t foolproof.  This is just cheating and the only person that you are hurting is you.

Another great way to do this is to turn the tv on, stand up, and walk in place.  If you are going to watch tv you might as well be active while doing it.

Set A Timer

Add Extra Steps To Your Day - Set A Timer

Another way I get extra steps in is I set a random timer on my phone and whenever it goes off it is time to get up and move.  Even when I am working in the small dispatch center that I sometimes occupy there are options.  I can get up to go to the bathroom, walk to my car, do several laps around the room, etc.  This timer works to motivate me to get up when I would normally be sitting on my butt the whole time.

I tend to see better results with this method when I try it at work than when I try it at home.  When utilized at home the time tends to get turned off and I won’t get up or I will get distracted.

Park Further Away

Add Extra Steps To Your Day - Park Further Away

Now I practiced this one a lot up until recently.  I would park my car further away in the parking lot because I would be forced to walk more and it is typically easier to find a parking spot.

The day before we were scheduled to really start moving stuff my fiance and I were eating at a chain restaurant and we parked further away than we normally do.  We were within site of the car and it wasn’t more than a block and half away at any time.  Unfortunately, our car’s window got smashed.  Yeah, yeah, I am a security professional and I should know better than to park my car further away.  Well we have eaten at this establishment multiple times and have not even seen broken glass.  When you park further away you do put your car at risk.

Use A Different Bathroom

Add Extra Steps To Your Day - Use A Further Bathroom

At one of my job sites over the years there was a bathroom right next to our post.  This bathroom was public though and I personally like having a bathroom that is a little out of the way.  So whenever I needed to use the bathroom I would get up and walk further away to what I would consider a better bathroom.  The other bathroom was definitely cleaner.  If you work in an office building using a different printer or copy room can also help add extra steps to your day.

Use The Stairs

Add Extra Steps To Your Day - Use Stairs

This one may sound obvious but many people forgo the stairs and use the elevator instead.  The elevator is quicker and it requires less work.  It also steals your chance to burn calories.  Taking the stairs doesn’t just add extra steps to your day but it is one of the best ways to burn calories.  Plus when you take the stairs it helps to start your endorphin production which will leave you feeling better when you start your workday.

Start A Group

Add Extra Steps To Your Day - Start A Group

Starting a walking group.  There are a lot of people out there that want to add more steps to their days and creating a group helps to motivate everyone.  Ask around your office if people want to take lunch breaks or other breaks walking.  Neighbors, friends, and family might also be interested in evening or after work walking groups.

Another option is to search for walking groups that have already started.  Your office place, if big enough, might already have a group that you could join to add extra steps to your day.


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