Jumping Jacks – Finish It Friday

When most people think of jumping jacks they think back to their preschool PE class.  Kids do jumping jacks because they find them fun and its a great way for kids to burn off their energy and hyper activity.  Unlike push ups they are also easy for both males and females, strong armed and week armed people, and just about anyone to do equally.

What most people don’t think about when they are told to do jumping jacks is that they are a great workout tool.  In just 10 minutes of being performed jumping jacks will burn around 100 calories.  What they are also great for is getting your heart rate up and sweating.  Jumping jacks are a full body cardiovascular exercise.  That means they are able to give you a pretty complete workout.

Jumping jacks can be used in combination with other exercises but they can work by themselves.  They are a great option for when you have to stop at a crosswalk when out on a run or want to take a quick break from moving forward.  There are many different ways to divvy up the repetitions and you can also do them until you can’t perform any more jumping jacks.  Adapt them to fit your needs.

How To Perform Jumping Jacks

In case you need to brush up on how to perform jumping jacks lets go over this exercise.  Start with your feet together and your hands at your sides.  Jump up using your knees and spread your legs wide apart.  At the same time as you move your feet apart you lift your arms up until your hands are both above your head.  In a fluid motion return back to the starting position.  Just continue with that.

Here is a handy video on how to do a jumping jack.

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