Monday Check-In 10/12/2015

This post is coming in late this week because I have a graveyard shift and have been sleeping most of the day.  In my goal to get back in the groove after the move though I wanted to deliver it today.  Today I weighed in at 180.1 lbs.  This isn’t much of a difference from what I was at last week.  Here is my step chart for the last week.

 Monday 10/5 – 11,145 Steps
Tuesday 10/6 – 7,271 Steps
Wednesday 10/7 – 12,973 Steps
Thursday 10/8 – 11,545 Steps
Friday 10/9 – 11,472 Steps
Saturday 10/10 – 12,287 Steps
Sunday 10/11 – 10,042 Steps

Over the last week I met my step goal on 2 days but I met the Pact goal six times during the week.  The days that I met my step goal are green, the ones where I just met the pact goal are orange, and the one day that I didn’t meet either is in red.  To restate my Pact just so there is no confusion, I am allowed to not meet the 10,000 step Pact goal once per week.

The Move

It’s been just over a week since we moved and I feel like the move through me out of the motion of my plan.  I am just starting to feel like I am getting it back.  Over the last week I ate a couple of snacks that I shouldn’t have but I have also moved away from eating premade food to cooking so I also eliminated some of the bad food from my diet too.  Our new kitchen allows me and my fiance to make better meals more often.

One of the other things that I noticed is that I have been so tired from my day on day off work schedule and the move that I just haven’t had the motivation to walk.  I have realized this and started to take more naps and sleep more.  I woke up today finally feeling somewhat recovered.  The one problem with that is my one graveyard shift this week is going to throw me off kilter further.

We shall see how this week goes.

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