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Normally Finish It Friday is all about exercising but today I wanted to take the focus and put it on stretching at your desk.  Stretching is just as important as exercising in today’s world of keyboards and desk sitting.  Actually, stretching is a form of exercise in itself, it is an exercise that is used to warm up a specific muscle or muscle group.

Why Is Stretching At Your Desk So Important?

When you slave away at a keyboard your fingers are hard at work and your wrists are being consistently bent.  This puts a lot of strain on the various parts of your hands. It can lead to a variety of different conditions such as tendentious.  To prevent injury to your body from working at your desk start integrating stretching into your day.

The number one rule when it comes to stretching at your desk is do it every hour at minimum.  Stretching, moving, and exercise sessions every hour should be between five and ten minutes for maximum effectiveness.

If you are typing for a long period of time it is also advisable that you take a small break every five to ten minutes.  This gives you time to look at what you are typing at the same time as giving your fingers a break.

Stretching At Your Desk

Basic Stretching

As mentioned above your fingers should take a break when you are doing large amounts of typing.  When you take a break roll your wrists around and open and close your fingers several times.   Place all your fingertips on the desk and push down on them, release and repeat.

Neck Stretching

It may not sound like it but your neck builds up a lot of stress when you sit at the desk.  You are looking at a monitor and holding your neck in the same position for a long period of time.

Start by pushing your ear to one shoulder and holding it there for five seconds.  You should feel the stretching.  After five seconds move the other ear to the other shoulder and repeat.  Once both sides are done repeat the same process for holding your head back and then pressing your chin to your head.

When you are done stretching your neck it should feel more free and relaxed.  If you desire you can always repeat the neck stretches multiple times.

Finger Stretching

Here is another finger stretching exercise for you.  Stand up at your desk and place your hands on the desk with your arms straight at your sides.  Do your best to point your fingers back at your body while keeping your palms on the desk.  Lower yourself towards the desk and you should start to feel the stretching.  As soon as you feel the stretch you hold the position for fifteen seconds.

You can repeat the stretch as many times as you want throughout the day.

Touching Your Toes

This one is very well-known but it is rarely done because a lot of people think of it as a kids exercise.  Start with your feet just under shoulder length apart, bend down at the waist and touch the floor.  Slowly walk your hands back so that they are touching your toes and hold the position for 15-30 seconds.

Office Chair Leg Raises

place both feet on the floor with you back straight against the backrest and arms on the armrest.  This is the standard sitting position.  While keeping one foot on the ground raise the other leg straight up as high as you can.  Hold the leg there for fifteen seconds or as long as you can hold your leg there.  Lower your leg to the ground.  Repeat the same process with the other leg.  This is a great way to stretch at your desk because you don’t need to get up to do but you are still working your legs!

Other Stretches

You can use any stretch that you have seen or used in the past in your office, just be aware that your co-workers may look at you strangely.  Don’t be discouraged though.  My co-workers understand why I stretch and get up and walk now that I have explained it to them.  So what are you waiting for?  Start stretching at your desk and live a healthier lifestyle.


Here is a video of some office stretches that you can do.

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