Uh Oh My FitBit Broke

Yesterday I went to shower and as I was going to undo the strap on my FitBit my FitBit broke.  My FitBit is one of the tools I rely on greatly in my weight loss efforts.  It allows me to track my daily progress.  As soon as it broke my first thought was how am I going to track my steps, my blog!

So I called FitBit just before they closed and spoke with their sales department hoping to just order another band.  Turns out that you cannot buy a band for the FitBit Charge HR.  According to the sales person I have to speak with someone in their customer service department to determine whether they can fix it for free or I will have to pay for it.  After the amount of wear my FitBit has seen it isn’t too surprising that my FitBit broke but I like it.  I am really hoping to hear that they will fix it for free.

My FitBit Broke, Now What?

After I was done with all of that my next thought was my FitBit broke, what am I going to do about my Pact?  Well I looked at the Pact app and it will sync with the Jawbone Up Move.  The move is labeled as a throwaway fitness tracker and at the price of $49 it is hard to disagree.  I have a friend who has one so I decided to give it a go.  At the very least it will give me a way to track my steps while my FitBit is being sorted out.

My FitBit Broke

When I arrived at Best Buy there were only two options black and red.  I went for the black one.  The Jawbone Up Move normally comes on a clothing/belt clip but because I lost my first FitBit because it had a belt clip design I wanted to get the watch strap for it.  I got a pack of watch straps from Best Buy, black, yellow, and a redish color.

Until further notice I will be using the Jawbone Up to keep track of my steps and possibly my sleep.  The device doesn’t have a heart rate sensor so it fits a lot looser on the wrist which is nice.  It almost feels as if it wasn’t there.  I am still trying to get used to the Jawbone Up Move but the app is a little confusing and it seems to be having some syncing issues.  As far as I can tell there is no option to force a sync with the device.

Once I have worn the device for more than a day and have had a chance to figure things out I will post a review of the Jawbone Up Move so that you can know a little more about it.  I will also keep you apprised of what FitBit says about my Charge HR.

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