Weekly Check-In 11/2/2015

Hello all!  So I am trying something that a friend recommended.  They said that when they weighed themselves every week they saw success at first, then it started to go downhill.  I am going to try taking this week away from weighing and see what I come in at next week.

Despite my last weigh-in saying that I gained weight I have been noticing differences in my body that show that I have been losing weight, at least from certain areas.  My shoulders are becoming less fatty and my legs are starting to show more sign off muscle than they did before.  My duty belt is still loose and I am still comfortably at the last hole in my regular belt.

As I announced last week my Fitbit broke.  I got ahold of Fitbit again and they agreed to send me a free replacement.  It didn’t even take any convincing.  I was a little surprised that I didn’t have to argue at all.  When you find a company with good customer service in this modern world it can be shocking!  My only complaint is that at times it was quite obvious that the person was reading from a script.  Customer service is more than reading from a script!  My Fitbit is estimated to arrive tomorrow.  I will be giving the Jawbone up to my fiance to use since she doesn’t have a fitness tracker.

My cold is almost completely gone.  All I have left is the cough and I am starting to get energized and active again.  Yesterday I was moving around the house and hanging art with my fiance.  I also walked to the store and did several other cleaning tasks.  All on my day off.  Having the energy again and only a small, occasional cough is nice.

For this upcoming week I want to be above 6,000 steps on the lowest step day.  I also want to try and get another day where I walk over 20,000 steps again.  It’s been a while since I have seen that many steps in a day.  My most steps walked last week was 15,902.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a review of the Jawbone Up.  I will say that I am mixed on the device.

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