Jawbone Up Move Review

My Fitbit broke last week so I went to Best Buy to order a Jawbone Up Move.  In the car in the parking lot I was able to open up the container and get it tracking my steps.  Getting it to connect to my phone was another issue.  At home I was able to get it to connect to my Nexus 6, for 10 minutes that is.  Then I had to restart the phone to sync.

After suffering through a day of that I called customer service and they had me go through a series of steps to connect the watch better to my phone.  But the support specialist did let me know that the Nexus 6 is not a compatible device.  Nowhere on the box for the Jawbone Move Up could I find a list of compatible devices.  Going to their website I found that there were in fact, very few officially supported devices.  So few that you could fit them on the box.

The lights on the Jawbone Up Move are great for tracking the percentage of your goal complete during the day but they aren’t great for the time or for knowing the exact number of steps.  If you want the number of steps or the exact time, you are going to have to pull your phone out.  I haven’t used the app much besides to sync my steps but the interface is a little simpler than Fitbits, enabling you to more easily track your steps at a glance.

What I like the most about the Jawbone Up Move is that you have the choice to wear it on your wrist or on your belt and you can change out the bands.  You can get a wide variety of colors and there are some unofficial bands on Ebay that come with designs.  Its hard to get bored with a fitness tracker that you can change based on your mood.

Jawbone Up Move Pros:

  • Simple design with a loose strap
  • Recognizes sleep and exercise automatically
  • You can change the color of your band/clip
  • Great phone support team

Jawbone Up Move Cons:

  • Limited phone syncing compatibility
  • Clock could use work to tell a more exact time

Would I Buy the Jawbone Up Move as a fitness tracker instead of a Fitbit?  No.  The limited compatibility is a big negative for me.  I would get it if I needed an affordable tracker quick, like I did.

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