Tips To Keep At It

If you ever feel that you are slipping in your goals or in your progress to get them you will probably find yourself wondering what you can do to get back on the horse.  That is if you even notice it.  Sometimes I find myself slipping but only realize it after it has significantly started.  Here are some of the ways that I have used to stay on track or to keep at it.

Reminding Yourself of Why You Want It

We all want our goals for a different reason.  I have multiple reasons to fuel my progress.  Despite the fuel sometimes you take it for granted and let it slip to the back of your mind.  Because of this it is important that you regularly examine your goals and the reasons for them.  One way to do this is to have a Word document with all of your goals and the reasons for them written out.  Once a month you go through and edit them.  Save both copies of your document and look at how they differ.

Put Your Goals In Your Face

A lot of people have success in putting their goals in their face.  This is something I have been considering trying.  One way to do it is to get a poster board and write on it all of your goals.  Place it somewhere you see every morning.  If I do this I am thinking I will put one copy in my bathroom and one on my fridge.  This is so that I see the goals every morning then again when I go to get food.

Write A Blog

Part of the reason I started this blog was to help push myself to stay on track.  Every week I sit down to write articles that are a mix of help and of my personal experience.  I also write a weekly update.  This helps me to keep accountable for my goals. I also hope that it helps you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Change It

As you continue on your path to your goals you might find out that what you are doing may work but there is a better way to do it.  For example, with my blog I am trying new things and experimenting.  Change happens and as long as you work with it you can make it work for you.  Sometimes though you need to be the driving force behind that change.

Walk It Out

No, not work it out, walk it out.  Go outside and start walking.  It doesn’t matter where you go just keep walking.  As you walk you will find out that you have very few things to think about than what you are doing and because you are exercising your mind will eventually lead you to your goals.  I do this often.  I go out on walks after work or in the evening.

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