Sit-Ups – Finish It Friday

I won’t lie about sit-ups, I hate them.  Almost as much as running.  They are a necessary part of testing for law enforcement agencies around the country though so I have to do them.

Despite being among my least favorite exercises, sit-ups are great for working out your abs.  The more you do the better you will get at them.  Unfortunately, people with larger middle sections it can be difficult to perform sit-ups without having someone to hold your feet.  It isn’t impossible though.  I have found a variety of solutions, mainly placing my feet under something such as a desk, a set of shelves, or my bed.  When doing this you need to make sure that the object you are using to hold your body down won’t lift off the ground when you do a sit-up.

There are a variety of different theories behind how many sit-ups you should do at a time.  When I had a trainer we did repetitions of 15 mixed with another two ab working exercises.  This is great because it allows you to keep your abs working instead of burning yourself out all at once.  The other major theory is to do as many as you can, take a break, then do as many as you can.  The problem with this is that when you are taking a break nothing is getting worked out.

If you want to increase the power of your exercise take a kettlebell and hold it in your hands on your upper chest while you workout.  Don’t let the kettlebell move.

How To Perform Sit-Ups

To perform a sit-up start by laying with your back on the floor.  If you need to have something hold your feet get them so that your knees are at an angle but your feet are flat.  You want your feet to move as little as possible.  With your arms out to your sides and your shoulders straight, place your fingertips behind your ears.  During a sit-up your fingertips should not leave your ears.

Lift your upper body up so that your shoulders are off the ground.  The longer that you work at doing sit-ups the further off the ground you can go.  Eventually you will be able to touch your elbows to your knees.  My goal is to be able to touch my elbows to my knees around 38 times in a minute.  The more I perform sit-ups the easier it is to do them.

Here is a video how to perform a proper Army sit-up.  The difference with this video is that the Army has you put your hands interlocked behind your head.

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