5 Worst Foods For You

Ever pick up that pack of Oreos and think that it was one of the worst foods for you?  Well take a look at this list worst food for you.  Maybe one of your favorite treats can be found on this list.

Worst Foods For You #1: Doughnuts

Doughnuts are the food of television cops but they are one of the worst foods for you.  Not only because of all the fat, calories, and carbs that they have but also because of the fact they mess with your body.  When you eat doughnuts it makes it harder for you to digest all of the foods you eat around the same time you have the doughnut.

Worst Foods For You #2: Chips, Especially Potato Chips

Once again this is another one of the worst foods for you that isn’t just on here because of the bad ingredients and oily nature.  Chips are hard to put down.  Once you start eating chips you want to eat more and more.

Worst Foods For You #3: Vitamin Water

The traditional vitamin water is tricky because it uses the word vitamin in the name.  This alone makes you think its healthy.  In fact, you are drinking 125 calories (per serving) of sugar water.  One bottle alone is 2.5 servings.  There is VitaminWater10 which only has 25 calories in the whole bottle.

Worst Foods For You #4: Processed Meat

Next time you see those wieners hanging out in the grocery store its probably time to move out of the way and move on.  Processed meats, like hot dogs, have all of the bad things like fats, sodium, and cholesterol, not to mention of the toppings that you heap onto them.

Worst Foods For You #5: Soda

Soda is fattening.  That is all there is to it.  One of my friends at work stopped drink the liter of two of soda he had every day and has already started to notice physical changes in his body due to weight loss.  Soda is full of loads of sugar.  Depending on the brand it has around 10 teaspoons of sugar.

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