Weekly Check-In Tuesday 12/1

Hello all!  You may have noticed there were no posts besides the check in last week, National Novel Writing Month was the focus of my attention.  I finished my novel, Bound by Allegiance, last night just before 2200 hours (10 PM).  I didn’t make it out on my bike ride.  Every day last week was below freezing when I wanted to go out on a bike ride but I don’t trust drivers in the freezing temperature here.  I almost get hit when the weather is fine out.  I managed to get out there and walk a little every day though.  Next week there will be a weigh-in as it is the start of a new month.  This week I am not at home to use the scale.

I am going to be looking at redoing the schedule for posting to reduce the number of posts but potentially to connect multiple of the content types into one post.  Stay tuned to see the changes.