Fitbit’s Fitforgood Challenge

Ten days ago I received an email in my inbox about Fitbit’s fitforgood.  I hadn’t heard anywhere about this activity but upon going to the Fitbit website I found that it was actually a fun way to be motivated and help a good cause.  And before I continue, yes, fitforgood is all one word and all under case.  At least, most of the time.  The Fitbit website alternates.

The fitforgood Challenge

fitforlife example

Imagine all the people using their Fitbits every day like the woman in this picture.  That is tens of billions of steps per week.  What if you could put those steps to a good use.  This is where fitfor good comes in.

Fitbit set aside one million dollars to go to charity but their method for deciding what charity the money goes to is a little different.  They want users to determine by how many steps they take.  From the 9th of November until the 20th Fitbit users have the option to choose a charity to donate their steps to.  The charity with the most steps wins the largest piece of the donation money.

The fitforgood Charities

Here are the three charities that are participating in the event:

American Heart Association

An organization dedicated to building a world without the worry of heart diseases or strokes.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

An organization that focuses on providing research and resources to fighting the disease known as multiple sclerosis.

American Diabetes Association

An organization that focuses on aiding those who have disabilities and improving their lives.

The fitforgood Charity Prizes

The fitforgood prizes are determined in a standard contest method.  The 1 million dollars will be split between the three charities with the winner getting the most money and the charity with the least steps, getting the least amount.

First Prize $500,000

Second Prize $350,000

Third Prize $150,000

My fitforgood Choice and Status

I am supporting the American Heart Association.  My family has a history of heart-related problems, including my birth mother passing away due to a heart related problem.  Additionally, the AHA has provided some of my first aid/CPR training in the past.  It’s an agency that I have some experience with.

As of my last sync I contributed 93,296 steps.  Fitbit informs me that that is the equivelant to walking around the Coney Island Boardwalk 18 times.

With about a day and a half left in the competition I am happy to say that the American Heart Association is winning with 8.625 billion steps.  This is about 41% of the current 21.133 billion steps that have been taken already in the competition.  The other two charities are neck and neck with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society taking a 1% lead over ther American Diabetes Association.

Weekly Weigh In

Current Weight: 183.5

Weight Change This Week: -1 LBS

Total Weight Lost: 5 lbs

Today is Monday and the start of a new week, that means it’s time for my weekly weigh in.  Today I weighed in at 183.5 lbs.  That means today I made my first five pounds lost milestone.  Fitbit awarded me with a cool badge for meeting this goal.


I am quite happy at this point because it means that I am well on my way to losing even more weight.  I only lost a total of one pound this week so I still need to up my game for next week.  Due to the challenge though I only had one day where I was under my step goal.  Maybe it is a coincidence that weigh in day happens to be the same day that I found that I won the Weekend Warrior step challenge from the other day.  Here are the results:

Screenshot of ResultsFor those that can’t see it I won with 29,177 steps with the closest being 26,297 steps.  On Saturday I was in the lead for the whole day until Stephanie started catching up in the evening.  Then because I had a late start to the day yesterday Stephanie was ahead of me for a while.  I took charge of the steps though when I did an evening Geocaching and came in with the win.  This Weekend Warrior Challenge was a big confidence booster since it came in combination with the milestone in my weight loss!


Workweek Hustle Results and New Challenge

Workweek Hustle

The results are in for the Workweek Hustle Challenge on Fitbit this week.  I didn’t come in on top, but I am fine with that.  I came in in 7th place with 55,175 steps.  I was only about 900 steps away from coming in 6th place, but the challenge did its job.  Over the week I felt motivated to get more steps in.  I probably would have been fifth or fourth if I hadn’t slacked one day this last week.  I successfully got in more steps than the previous week though.

For more on the Workweek Challenge check out my post on the start of the challenge.

Weekend Warrior

In order to continue the motivation I started a Weekend Warrior challenge with some of my Fitbit friends.  The Weekend Warrior Fitbit Challenge is exactly the same as the Workweek Hustle Challenge except that it is judged by your total step count for Saturday and Sunday.  There are only four people participating but I am currently in the lead and plan to stay that way.  I will be the Weekend Warrior (this weekend at least).

Weekend Warrior Challenge

Fitbit Workweek Hustle Challenge

Yesterday I posted that I was participating in a Fitbit challenge.  I got distracted and didn’t get around to posting the details of the challenge yesterday.  The challenge is called the Workweek Hustle Challenge and the goal is to get the most steps from Monday Morning to end of day on Friday.  It’s a great way to motivate those who sit for work.  For these challenges the initiator of the challenge selects their friends to participate in the challenge.  I don’t know anyone from this list in person but Seagers invited me and is a Fitbit friend who added me for motivation.  Here is what the challenge looks like on the app:

Screenshot of Workweek Hustle Challenge


As you can see as of writing this I am a little behind.  This comes from the fact that the Fitbit app while updating the steps every time you sync, doesn’t update the challenge every time.  I am currently at about 14,000 steps for this challenge.  I love the idea of this challenge and will be doing my best to come in high on the list before the end of the work week.

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