Tips To Stay Healthy At Your Desk – Finish It Friday

Many people work at a desk around the world with little time for a break.  With the busy life you need to know how to stay healthy at your desk.  Here are some tips to stay healthy at your desk.

Tip 1: Stay Healthy At Your Desk By Drinking Water

Many of us go about their day plugging away at their work.  So focused that they forget to do anything else, or put it off.  This includes drinking water.  If you want to stay healthy at your desk you need to remember to drink enough water.  It will help keep your attention focused, prevent headaches, and keep your body working like it should.

Tip 2: Stay Healthy At Your Desk By Standing Up

Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your body.  Your body is made to move, it doesn’t process the foods you eat or perform properly if it just sits there.  To Stay healthy at your desk you need to stand up and move.  I get up every hour for at least five minutes.  It doesn’t have to be something fancy.  You can walk in place at your desk, walk to the bathroom, walk to the floor below (or above) and use their bathroom, or anything else that you can use as an excuse to get moving.

Tip 3: Stay Healthy At Your Desk By Stretching Your Fingers

It has long been known that typing all day causes strain on your fingers and wrists.  Make sure that you take a pause every now and then to stay healthy at your desk.  Raise your hand, stretch your fingers in and out, roll your wrists, give your fingers and wrists a break in general.  It might also be a good idea to through in some extra activity to stay healthy at your desk.  Stretch your neck muscles, stretch your arms, extend your legs back and forth.  All of these activities will help to stretch out your body and keep the blood flowing.

Tip 4: Stay Healthy At Your Desk By Considering an Alternate Chair

There are a wide number of companies that sell alternative chairs to use at your desk.  These help you improve your posture and feel better after a long day at work.  You can even use a balance ball.  Sometimes though, your balance ball just doesn’t fit in your cubicle.  This company provides several different office chair alternatives to stay healthy at your desk!

Tip 5: Stay Healthy At Your Desk By Going Phoneless

Now this tip to stay healthy at your desk might not work for everyone but its worth a try.  If you can speak to a co-worker face to face, forget the phone or email.  Get up and walk to them.  It’s a great excuse to get up and move but it also gets you out of the staring at information slump.  It gives social interaction which all of us need.

Tip 6: Stay Healthy At Your Desk By Limiting Your Coffee

I used to think that coffee sucked.  That was before I tried adding a hint of cream and mixing coffee types.  Now I am a firm believer in coffee and drink a mug of it every day I work eight or more hours.  However, I probably shouldn’t.  Coffee, especially coffee with sugar and creamer, don’t help you stay healthy at your desk.  The caffeine messes with your body and adds calories to your day.  Limit your coffee (and other caffeine sources) to one a day.  This will better help you stay healthy at your desk.

Tip 7: Stay Healthy At Your Desk By Taking A Lunch Break

Most of us want to get our work done so we tend to eat our lunch at our desk.  I can be guilty of this too, especially since 3 out of the 4 sites that I work don’t allow me to leave the site during lunch.  Taking a true lunch break where you leave your desk can boost your concentration and give you the time away from work to boost your mood.  To stay healthy at your desk try to take a lunch break away from your desk.  Find a bench outside, go for a walk, move your chair across the room and eat there.  To stay healthy at your desk, you need to leave your desk for lunch.


Fitbit’s Fitforgood Challenge

Ten days ago I received an email in my inbox about Fitbit’s fitforgood.  I hadn’t heard anywhere about this activity but upon going to the Fitbit website I found that it was actually a fun way to be motivated and help a good cause.  And before I continue, yes, fitforgood is all one word and all under case.  At least, most of the time.  The Fitbit website alternates.

The fitforgood Challenge

fitforlife example

Imagine all the people using their Fitbits every day like the woman in this picture.  That is tens of billions of steps per week.  What if you could put those steps to a good use.  This is where fitfor good comes in.

Fitbit set aside one million dollars to go to charity but their method for deciding what charity the money goes to is a little different.  They want users to determine by how many steps they take.  From the 9th of November until the 20th Fitbit users have the option to choose a charity to donate their steps to.  The charity with the most steps wins the largest piece of the donation money.

The fitforgood Charities

Here are the three charities that are participating in the event:

American Heart Association

An organization dedicated to building a world without the worry of heart diseases or strokes.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

An organization that focuses on providing research and resources to fighting the disease known as multiple sclerosis.

American Diabetes Association

An organization that focuses on aiding those who have disabilities and improving their lives.

The fitforgood Charity Prizes

The fitforgood prizes are determined in a standard contest method.  The 1 million dollars will be split between the three charities with the winner getting the most money and the charity with the least steps, getting the least amount.

First Prize $500,000

Second Prize $350,000

Third Prize $150,000

My fitforgood Choice and Status

I am supporting the American Heart Association.  My family has a history of heart-related problems, including my birth mother passing away due to a heart related problem.  Additionally, the AHA has provided some of my first aid/CPR training in the past.  It’s an agency that I have some experience with.

As of my last sync I contributed 93,296 steps.  Fitbit informs me that that is the equivelant to walking around the Coney Island Boardwalk 18 times.

With about a day and a half left in the competition I am happy to say that the American Heart Association is winning with 8.625 billion steps.  This is about 41% of the current 21.133 billion steps that have been taken already in the competition.  The other two charities are neck and neck with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society taking a 1% lead over ther American Diabetes Association.

Top 3 Exercise Myths

Do you think you know everything about fitness, exercise, and weight loss?  I don’t think I am an expert, but I am trying to learn more.  Take a look of these exercise myths and see if you are guilty of believing them.  I was guilty of believing some of these and I know a gym that I went to believes in at least one of these.

Top 3 Exercise Myths

Exercise Myths 1: No Pain, No Gain

This exercise myth is quite popular among weight lifters and cross fitters.  I went to a gym in Burien, WA for a month that believed that this was the only way to workout.  I told the trainer that my mom paid for that I felt as if I was going to throw up but he said that is good and then repeated the old mantra of “no pain, no gain.”

I see two problems with this.  First, when you follow the no pain, no gain exercise theory you are likely to get an injury.   Suffering an injury while working out can hurt your muscles and can also cause you to miss days on your workout.  Missing part of your weekly workouts can set you back further.

Second, you create a problem where your mindset is that you aren’t getting a good workout if you aren’t feeling pain.  This means that every workout you will want to push yourself to feel pain.

Out of most of the exercise myths this one can be the most damaging to your exercise goals.  Don’t hurt yourself and workout until you feel stretched, not until you are in pain.

Exercise Myths 2: Your Weight Is The Only Matter

When you are working out for the purpose of losing weights your weight is not the only thing that you need to worry about.  In fact, you might gain weight at some point because you are gaining muscle.  So when you are trying to lose weight you should try to keep track of your body fat and measurements.  This will allow you to better track your changes.

I track my body measurements but not as frequently as I do my weight.  You just take a tape measure and measure parts of the body that you want.  Often times these areas are measured:

  • Neck
  • Biceps
  • Quads
  • Waist
  • Hips

Exercise Myths 3: One Type Of Workout is The Best

When it comes to working out people tend to believe that one type of workout is all that you need.  One may be better than the others.  For example, some people believe that lifting weights is all that you need and cardio has no place in exercising.  Some people believe vice versa.

The truth of the matter is that to be its most effect for weight loss and muscle gain you need to vary your workouts.  Low intensity and high-intensity workouts are needed along with both cardio and weights.

It is also recommended that you get a mix of cardio and weights.  For example, if you run on a treadmill one day, the next cardio day you should go out and run on the sidewalk or at a track.  This gives your muscles a variety of different work.

Now that you know these common exercise myths do your best to avoid them.  They will hurt you and could result in you losing ground on your weight loss efforts.

Foods To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

Earlier in the week I wrote an article on foods to avoid when trying to lose weight, today I am writing an article on foods you will want to look for when trying to lose weight.  This post was delayed due to a busy day yesterday and this morning.

Next time you are at the grocery store think about incorporating some of these food items into your daily meal.  There are a variety of them so thaere will be options for most meals.

Foods To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight


Foods To Eat When Losing Weight - broccoli

Water plays a key role in weight loss.  It may not be a food but it should be on any foods to eat when trying to lose weight list.  Your body needs water in order to be able function but also in order to process food.  Experts say that you should have at least 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before eating a meal.

I didn’t use to drink enough water and at the time I didn’t know that.  It would cause a large amount of headaches.  Now that I know that I need to drink a lot of water every day I am not getting as many headaches and feel better.


Foods To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight - BroccoliBroccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are great for those who are trying to lose weight plus they help you to satisfy your daily vegetable need.  These foods have high levels of protein and fiber, both great for those who are looking to be active.  Scientists also believe that they contain elements that could be useful for fighting cancer.  The calcium contained in broccoli also helps to power your body’s weight loss efforts.

Here are some of the other cruciferous vegetables:

  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Brussel Sprouts

Tuna Fish

Foods to Eat When Trying To Lose Weight - Tuna

This picture of tuna fish may not look like it should be on a list of foods to eat when trying to lose weight because it simply doesn’t look appetizing.  Tuna is great for your weight loss efforts though.  Tuna doesn’t have much fat, is low on calories, and is high in proteins, all things you want when you are trying to lose weight.

Make sure not to have too much tuna every week though because it has high levels of mercury which can be dangerous in large amounts.  You should also choose tuna stored in water over tuna stored in oil because it is healthier.

I actually just made tuna two nights ago and still have some left over.  It is one of my favorite foods for sandwiches and is great because it is simple to make a tuna salad for sandwiches or to eat by itself.  I just combine chopped pickles, tuna, and mayonnaise.


Foods to Eat When Trying To Lose Weight - Grapefruit

I have heard of this one before but I am not much of a plain grapefruit fan.  Grapefruit is great for your heart and is also great for your weight loss efforts.  It contains a collection of vitamins and acids that are good for the body.

While grapefruit in itself is great for weight loss there is a group of people that claim that when you eat them before your meals it will help to burn off the fat from the meals.  I have heard people both vouching for and against this diet so I don’t know which stance to take.

Black Beans and Lentils

Foods to Eat When Trying To Lose Weight - Lentils

Black beans, lentils, and some other legumes are great for weight loss.  Compared to most other sources of protein, such as animal meat, they are extremely low on fat.  They also contain some of the good starch.  Legumes can be hard for some people to tolerate so it is important to prepare them properly.  This will help keep your room smelling better after you have eaten them.

Take this list of foods to eat when trying to lose weight and keep it in the back of your mind when you are shopping.  Just remember to check the food that you buy to make sure it is healthy.

Stay tuned because I will be doing a follow-up post to this one in the near future with even more foods to eat when trying to lose weight!

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

There are a lot foods to avoid when trying to lose weight but these common foods will trick you.  I may be guilty of eating some of these foods  and I am going to do my best to remove them from my diet, you should too.  Often times there are healthier options for you to choose.

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

Bread and Bread Products

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight - Bread

When it comes to foods to avoid when trying to lose weight bread is a main target.  Bread and other bread products are extremely high in carbs and contain refined grains.  Other bread products include crackers, pretzels, pastries, and more.  My step-mom stopped eating gluten, including bread and she lost a noticeable amount of weight.  I am a big fan of bread this one will be hard to get rid of.  Instead, I will do my best to eat healthier options such as whole grain.

White Rice

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight - White Rice

Many people eat white rice with a lot of their meals, especially in Japan and other Asian countries.  Despite it being part of the typical meal you should find alternatives.  Brown rice is a healthier option.  White rice is hard to digest and can result in a sugar crash.

Peanut Butter

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight - Peanut Butter

Peanut butter in most aspects is healthy.  It contains a lot of the healthy fats that we need to have a healthy body.  What peanut butter also includes is roughly 200 calories per tablespoon.  Imagine 200+ of the calories in that peanut butter and jelly sandwich are just from that peanut butter.  All natural peanut butter with no sugar added will help you reduce the negative effects of peanut butter.  Don’t be surprised if the all natural peanut butter has a different taste, it isn’t artificially flavored.

Diet Soda

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight - Diet Soda

A lot of people switch to diet soda in order to lose weight, it would make sense, right?  Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that have been found in scientific studies to cause weight gain, not loss.    There are healthy diet options out there when you want to drink soda, ensure that they aren’t high in sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Soda stream has some healthy options.  If you do start using a soda stream make sure that you use the healthier options.  Keurig also has a soda stream style device too.


Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight - Alcohol

Alcohol is another on of the foods to avoid when trying to lose weight.  An occasional drink is okay but there are a selection of low-calorie alcohols to choose from.  One drink easily turns into another though and it adds up.

Another issue with alcohol is that it leads to bad dietary choices.  When you drink do your best to avoid snacking and making bad dietary choices.

Salad Dressings

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight - Salad Dressing

Salads themselves are NOT on the list of foods to avoid when trying to lose weight, what is, is the dressing that you put on top of them.  Most dressings contain large amounts of fat and calories.  By the time that you later the salad up in dressing you are no longer eating a healthy meal.  If you want to add dressing to your salad, either go with a low-fat/low-calorie option or stick with the traditional olive oil/vinegar mix.

Tomato Sauce

foods to avoid when trying to lose weight - Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is tasty and appears as an ingredient in multiple recipes, not just pasta.  Unfortunately, the sodium levels and sugar levels are often quite high.  When you want to have pasta, pizza, or another food that calls for tomato sauce make sure that you choose a brand that uses less of the unhealthy ingredients.  Sometimes you can find low sugar/low sodium tomato sauces.


foods to avoid when trying to lose weight - Ketchup

This one is going to be extremely hard for me to cut back on.  Ketchup, much like tomato sauce, is high in both salt and sugar.  Burgers, potatoes, fries, steak, just about anything you can add ketchup to I will add it to.  It is one of my favorite condiments.


foods to avoid when trying to lose weight - saltIn case you didn’t guess it by now, adding salt to anything you eat isn’t a healthy choice for trying to lose weight.  By cutting back on adding table salt to your meals you will help your weight loss effort.  Like with ketchup I will have trouble with this one.  I love the taste of salt.

More on Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

As a general rule of thumb you should read the packaging on anything you buy.  One of my coworkers recently commented to another coworker that his pizza in a box contained no actual food ingredients.  I was completely disgusted that there was even a product that had no food at all.  He said that the ingredients list had 74 items for a pepperoni pizza and none of the items included cheese, pepperoni, tomato, or dough.

Avoiding artificial ingredients is important.  You should also moderate your intake of large amounts of salt.  Salt comes in many things so make sure to keep an eye out.

MyFitnessPal will show you nutritional information for food that has been put into their system and tell you when an item takes up a significant portion of your diet.  Food Facts also has a database of foods along with ratings of their healthiness.

Take this list of foods to avoid when trying to lose weight and try to avoid buying them.  One of my favorite radio personalities recently said that if someone else in his families buys one of these foods he will still eat them.  His solution is to keep them out of the house, I am going to do that too.

Importance of Sleep for Your Body

Sleep is fun, I love it.  I sleep in a lot more than I probably should at times.  With my busy schedule though I don’t always get time to sleep in.  I don’t always get the recommended amount of sleep either.  I probably don’t get it nearly enough.  During college my doctor told me that I should try to get more sleep but they never really explained why.  Now that I have graduated and gotten more interested in health I have a better idea of the importance of sleep for your body.  And boy do I wish I had known it earlier.  Sleep can help with your weight loss efforts and here is how:

As a disclaimer I am not a medical professional, I have done research into this topic and spoke with a new doctor about the importance of sleep.

Importance of Sleep #1: Hunger

Importance of Sleep

The above-seen Jack in The Box meal is very often considered to be geared towards the stoner population.  While the name is definitely a play on that there is science behind the Munchie Meal.  When you lack sleep your body’s hunger trigger gets turned back on and you start to crave food despite the fact you are not actually hungry.  So next time you see that Munchie Meal commercial and its past your bed time, remember the importance of sleep and get to sleep, not Jack in the Box.

Importance of Sleep #2: Fat Storage

When you eat fat your body starts to store some of it and metabolize the rest.  When you lack sleep your body starts to store more fat than normal.  This is done because of the increased blood sugar and production of insulin.  Your body starts to build up additional fat and the time it takes for it to process said fat goes up.

If you eat when you are sleep deprived you will start to notice that you are putting on more weight or not losing any, even if you do exercise.

Importance of Sleep #3: Hormone Control

You know the importance of sleep if you know about your body’s hormones, unfortunately, many of us don’t know as much as we should about our bodies.  I know I don’t know enough, that is one of the reasons I started this blog.  When you lack sleep you are knocking your hormones way off balance.  Two major hormones are affected by lack of sleep: growth hormone and cortisol.

The growth hormone is what allows you to grow and build muscle.  When you lack sleep the growth hormones are not produced as rapidly, meaning it is much harder to build muscle, grow taller, or any of the like.  Even your workouts will have less effect because when you workout you still need the growth hormone to succeed.

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone.  The more of it you have in your body the more stressed out you will feel.  When you lack sleep, it builds.  I am no expert but this is probably why you feel better after a good night’s sleep, you don’t have as much cortisol in your system.  Not only does the stress hormone make you more stressed out when you wake up but it affects how you sleep.  You will get less of the resting sleep that you need.

Importance of Sleep #4: Your Brain

Sleep helps your brain, and body, repair itself.  During sleep your brain works to build new pathways and repair old ones.  If you don’t sleep your brain is forced to try and repair and rebuild the brain while you are awake.  It can’t do this so you will start to see the effects that are most commonly related with the importance of sleep, they are also very similar with the effects of alcohol.  You will start to lose coordination, the ability to make decisions, and to think.  You can even start to see things.  This is all because your brain isn’t able to operate properly.

What to Do About It?

Now that you know the importance of sleep what should you do about it?  You need to get sleep is what you need to do.  I need to do it too.

First off, start to think of sleep as a cherished part of your day.  This helps you and your brain to associate it with a pleasure.  This makes it more likely for you to enjoy going to bed.  Mind of matter really does work in this case.  You just have to convince yourself of the importance of sleep and the fun of sleep.

Schedule time for your sleep.  Just like you have a work schedule and a cleaning schedule you should schedule your sleep.  In advance plan out what time you are going to go to sleep every night.  One of my coworkers has been staying up too late playing games and doing other things, he realized that it was hurting his sleep and his performance.  His solution was to start setting an alarm clock for when he has to go to sleep, not just when he needs to wake up.

Lawmakers have been trying to place anti-drowsy driving laws on the books for years.  Study after study has shown that the importance is sleep is so big that it can be considered crucial.  Here is a list of drowsy driving-related laws.

Stop avoiding sleep and get to it.  It will help you with your work, driving, and even your weight loss.  It could be what is hurting your current goals.

A Note About The Delayed Post

The Progress So Far
The Progress So Far

Today’s post was delayed because I was working on packing and had to meet with the maintenance man.  We discovered that our sink had been leaking when we started packing.  Luckily it is a very small leak and it hasn’t damaged anything.  Until we are moved in and unpacked at the end of next week my post may be delayed but I will do my utmost to make sure that I deliver them on time, every day.  At the very least I will make sure that there is a new post every day.

Nicole Arbour and Dear Fat People

The woman above is “comedian” Nicole Arbour from Canada and she has become a major topic for talk around the world.  She posted a video on September 3, 2015 criticizing fat people.  In her video she rants and raves about fat people.  Anyone obese to her is a problem with society.  Nicole Arbour talks about how she supposedly loves all people even fat people despite the fact she won’t stop complaining about them.  How Arbour starts out the video with questioning whether her “Katy Perry” hair is full of hair spray or semen.  She may be a comedian but if she can’t make a better joke than a sex joke to start her video there is something wrong.  This is saying something because my choice of humour is very immature.

Nicole Arbour’s Video Dear Fat People

Before I talk anything about this video I want to make a quick preface.  When I originally saw this video I thought “hey, this would be great to talk about on my blog.”  But as I got to thinking about it I started to wonder if that would be true.  Writing about the video Dear Fat People will get personal.  Then I realized that writing about it is exactly what I should write about.

My Rant About Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour claims to be making this degrading, and yes it is degrading, video about how she thinks fat shaming people who are obese will help them realize where they are and make them change for the better.  My first issue with this is that she says she is only talking to people who are obese and not those with a little extra “pushin’ for the cushion.”  I am big but I am not more than what most people would consider an extra pushin’ for the cushion.  I don’t weight a hundred pounds over where I should weigh, I don’t even weigh 75 pounds over the maximum healthy weight.  In fact, I only weigh about 30-35 lbs over the maximum healthy weight for someone my age and height.  America’s standards for appropriate weight are extremely high, making it hard for anyone to feel like they are meeting the standards.

People who are overweight may need a kick in the keister to start losing weight.  I know I needed it.  But it should come from friends or family in a comforting and safe environment.  Having some random lady who is what many people would consider the ideal body image start tearing apart your body image and problems you may have can be extremely detrimental.

Nicole Arbour's body.
This is what Nicole Arbour looks like for reference.

A brief side note: The above picture comes from GF King Gluten Free.  On this blog Nicole Arbour is praised for being a leading force and a role model for those looking to better themselves.  According to the blog, after an accident Arbour became allergic to gluten.  Arbour wants to stop bullying and make people happier.  It can very well be said that this video is bullying.  Shaming is nothing less than bullying.

I was lucky enough to have that conversation from my aunt.  I had thought about starting this blog before that but after she talked to me and help me realize my weight issues I knew I had to start this blog and lose weight.  The conversation hurt but it wasn’t because of what she was telling me, it was because I was realizing that I needed to change my diet, increase my exercise, and overall improve on what I was calling “working out”.   The combination just wasn’t cutting it.

When you are larger people tend to not think of you as capable.  Despite my size I was completely able to handle myself and could run after someone if needed with no problem.

Fat shaming people is exactly that.  Shaming people because of their size.  It isn’t making them realize that they need to make a change, it is you using their size to get a laugh.  Get new material Nicole Arbour.  This isn’t just a request.  Nicole’s material which some might claim is a joke, comes off serious.  The seriousness of this material can be extremely hurtful.

to cause to feel shame; make ashamed. definition of shaming.

With that definition of shaming it becomes obvious that shaming is meant to make someone feel bad.  It is not the process of helping someone to come to changes in their life.  You can criticize someone without the need to make them feel ashamed or guilty.  You want to instill motivation in them to make a better them.  Not trigger them to feel hurt.

The hurt doesn’t stop there though.  Nicole released a second video.  This one just as bad as the first one.

Nicole Arbour’s Most Offensive Video EVER

This video she not only talks about fat people but she also talks about a people who are wanting to be less hurtful on the internet.  She claims that “keyboard warriors” don’t understand comedy and need to stop getting hurt by what others say on the internet.  She goes as far as to say that keyboard warriors are terrorists.

I am a firm believer that in some instances and ways political correctness is hurting our society.  But just because you don’t have to be politically correct all the time doesn’t mean that you should go out looking to hurt someone’s feelings.  I believe the kind of videos that Nicole Arbour submitted with the Most Offensive Video Ever and Dear Fat People are completely inappropriate.

Not everyone can get miraculously thin.  She says that she doesn’t mean to shame people with medical conditions in her first video but in her second video she talks about how people claim thyroid problems and that isn’t an excuse for being overweight.  News flash Nicole Arbour for some people that means they will be overweight.  While not every person with thyroid problems will be overweight some will be.  For them it is harder to process food than for others.

Now after all this is said, I won’t presume to think that you haven’t had your own share of problems Nicole Arbour.  You may have been in a car accident and had problems stemming from that.  Your problems come from a source that you were able to identify and catch early on.  Not everyone is that lucky.  And not everyone is so lucky as to have it be something that happens to them, some people are born with genes to be larger than others.

How about instead of fat shaming someone you give them the tools to realize the change that needs to be made and correct it.  How about you talk a little bit about your own challenges.  You never know when you look at someone what challenges they might be undergoing.  You also don’t know if they are trying to lose weight.  The process is not instantaneous and your video might actually hurt someone’s motivation to continue their weight loss program.

I am not the only one to find this video offensive or hurtful.  There are a lot of people who have responded to this in both blog format and video format.  With so many people against the video it is no wonder that Nicole Arbour has disabled the comments on Youtube for Dear Fat People.  Nicole Arbour disabled comments after getting tired of deleting ones that she didn’t like.  YouTube personality Whitney Way Thore who is overweight claims to have had multiple comments deleted by Arbour (  The video Most Offensive Video EVER has more dislikes than likes.  It is the first time I have seen so many dislikes compared to likes (9,821/55,159).  People on the internet can finally agree on something.

Here are just a few of the responses I found and liked.