You see that little weight tracker on the right sidebar of my website?  That is courtesy of MyFitnessPal.  When I started my journey with my Fitbit I found the food tracking options somewhat limited and felt that they could use a little boost.  That is when I tried out MyFitnessPal.  It had most of what I was looking for in one package.  It sets up a plan for me to lose weight and tracks my food intake and exercise.

What I really found joy in was the ability to sync Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.  Whenever I want to see how many extra calories I have earned to eat all I need to do is click the little sync wheel at the top of the widget (as can be seen in the below screen shot).  The Fitbit data is also used to calculate the calories you have burned more accurately in order to see if you are on track with your weight loss plan or not.  To get the most out of syncing your Fitbit you should enable negative calories in the settings menu.  This will subtract calories you can eat on lazy days and help motivate you to get up and get out more.  It also provides a more accurate level of data.

While I have yet to find it as motivating as the Fitbit friends feature I do enjoy the ability to log info straight from my home screen.  The large food database and barcode scanner also make it great.

Home Screen Screenshot
As you can see in this screenshot MyFitnessPal is located near the top of my home screen and right below that is Fitbit.

Geocaching Adventures from 8/4/2015

Hello and welcome to my first Geocaching Adventures post.  Geocaching is a puzzle for the mind that you can physically engage in and I am hoping to employ it to better my physical fitness.  Today it served its goal, if I hadn’t gone on my Geocaching adventure I wouldn’t have found a new park and I wouldn’t have come close to my step goal, instead I beat it.  I found three caches on my adventures yesterday, all of them were nearby my home base location and they brought me up to 39 finds.  I will do my best to detail the adventures to find the caches without giving away spoilers but just be warned there may be a few spoilers.

Steps Walked On Caching Adventure: Approximately 10,600 steps*
I get this number by subtracting my end step count from my best recollection of the starting step count, in this case, around 3,100.

It’s my birthday and I can cache if I want to!


To start off my day I went looking for a large cache that I could drop off a trackable in.  The “It’s my birthday and I can cache if I want to!” cache fit the bill and was the closest one in the area that I thought would be big enough.  It was a little bit of a trek from my place given that half the way there was no sidewalk but as I found on my journey today people in my neighborhood don’t really rely on sidewalks that much.  At first when I arrived in the area I wanted to search an area that was nowhere near where my GPS was taking me.  After a little bit of thinking, and looking behind me, I found an area that matched what I was looking for.  From there it wasn’t hard to find the cache.  It was quite large, either the largest or second largest cache I have ever found.

While I was there I dropped off Herman.  Here is a picture from the beginning of Herman’s long adventure with me that started off with a ride along in my patrol car.


It took me quite a while to get Herman back on his path because I had meant to take him to New Mexico on a trip and he got left in the wrong bag then stayed in that bag for a while.  Now he is back off on his journey to see how far he can go.  I was a little puzzled because people posted after I picked him up of their seeing him…  Maybe I just don’t get how those functions of Geocaching work.  In putting Herman into the box I felt sad, I get connected to stuffed animals and toys.  Plus, how can you argue with that smile and one eye 0).

In Herman’s place I picked up Love Tag.  Love Tag has a cute idea behind it and since I was recently engaged I feel like it is fate that I found it today.  Here is a picture of Love Tag from when I got home.

Love Tag

Mini Micro


From there I went to find Mini Micro which was a distance from where I thought it would be.  This cache was located in a beautiful park but like all things tree related it was a bit sticky with sap.  If you plan to go after this one I would either bring gloves or something to remove sap from your hands because there is about 0 chances that you won’t get sap on you.  I took a couple of pictures of the park because I was quite surprised by that there was a park in the area.

Small Park Bench Small Park

Pants Preferred Park: Plural Perch


I swear I was able to keep my pants on for this adventure but it was hard 😛  This one was quite questionable at first.  I started to walk towards where the cache indicated the trailhead was an I could have sworn a sign at then end of the road read “No Trespassing” but instead as I got closer I read “No Turning around”.  As soon as I found the little path to the side of the large white wall and found the gate I knew I was in.

Gate To Preserve
Sorry it was getting darker as I finally made it out.

Park Entrance Park Map

My adventure through this park was quite amazing.  There were wooden bridges and walkways along with primitive trails, IN THE CITY!  I am going to have to go back there on a walk with my Wolf Pup (fiance).  While I was looking for the first waypoint I was quite saddened as I stumbled upon a doggy grave.  Just the thought of a beloved pet passing away makes me sad and it was obvious that this pet was beloved as they built a beautiful grave.

Doggy Grave

After finding the first waypoint I made my way as rapidly as I could to waypoint two.  I found it but as I was writing in it I noticed I was sitting right next to stinging nettle.  I managed to get the cache without getting stung by nettle.  Before I go I will leave you with one last picture from the park, I can’t wait to return.

One of Many Signs

Fitbit and Weight Loss

As you may have noticed this morning a list of statistics has been posted to my blog.  This is yesterday’s Fitbit data.  Every day my blog posts the Fitbit data from the previous day to show you how I have done and give me the motivation to post better data every day.  You can also compare it to your own.

I have found that since utilizing my Fitbit to its fullest extent I have begun to lose weight and even enjoy the process of using the Fitbit.  I have the Charge HR (heart rate) which allows me to track my steps, heart rate, stairs climbed, calories burned, and more.  All of this data while not always 100% accurate is usually very close.  It gives me an idea of where I can improve.  I really like the Fitbit and the website.

Screenshot of Fitbit Stats
Fitbit daily stats as viewed from an Android device.

Since I discovered the friends function I have also had an extra level of motivation.  It’s nice to have a group of people who are also motivated to lose weight and get in better shape.  You are also able to compare your step count to theirs to show you when it is time to get up and move.

Screenshot of Fitbit Friends
Fitbit friends page as viewed from an Android device.

If you are interested in joining me on Fitbit check out my profile and add me as a friend here:

Welcome to Bettering Me!

Hello, my name’s Ian and at the time of starting planning this blog I weigh 188.5 pounds and am 5 foot 4 inches.  I created this blog to help me lose weight and better my fitness levels.  I intend to post regularly to it with fitness updates and posts about fitness.  There is more to me than just fitness though so I intend to use this blog for bettering myself in all sorts of ways.  I am hoping that by hosting this blog that not only will I make progress but I might inspire others to make progress too.

At the start of this blog I intend to post regular updates about my fitness level, weight, and special activities that I do.  I also plan on posting at least occasional motivational articles, posts, and pictures.  I also plan to post any Geocaching adventures I go on because they get me up and out.  My regular weigh in day will be every Monday but I might have special weigh ins depending on activities and time frame.


While I get everything settled there will probably be some regular changes to the appearance of my blog, what I post, and when.  I apologize for this in advance if it does happen but I am trying to iron out the kinks.  This is a personal blog after all!