My Milestones

When you are trying to lose weight it is always a great idea to set milestones.  Weight loss milestones give you something to shoot for.  I recently did a post about choosing weight loss milestones and I decided to make mine public.

Weight Loss Milestones

Multiples of 5

5 lbs Lost – Achieved on 8/26/2015

10 lbs lost – Achieved on 9/20/2015

25 lbs lost – Pending

50 lbs lost – Pending


Fit in My Old Clothes – Pending

Fit in My Old Belt – Pending

Need a New Belt – Pending


25% of Weight Lost – Pending

50% of Weight Lost – Pending

75% of Weight Lost – Pending

Waist Size

34 – Pending

32 – Pending

30 – Pending

Athletic Milestones


9 Minute Mile – Pending

8 Minute Mile – Pending

7 Minute Mile – Pending

6.5 minute Mile – Pending


25 Sit-Ups – Pending

30 Sit-Ups – Pending

39 Sit-Ups – Pending

Celebrating My Milestones

For my major milestones I have decided that I will get myself a $5 gadget because I like gadgets.  My major milestones are 30 Sit-Ups, 7 Mile Run, 32 Waist, 25 lbs lost, 50 lbs lost, and 50% lost.

For the rest of my milestones I am going to look for healthy treats to eat or try cooking something new.  I love cooking and my new place, when we move in, has a bigger kitchen.  It should be much easier to make meals that I want to eat!