Squat Breaks – Finishing It Friday

Sitting at your desk all day is bad for your health but more importantly it is uncomfortable and will leave butt prints in your chair.  To prevent this from happening take a break at least once every hour.  I personally aim for at least five minutes doing something for every hour I am at the desk.

Squats are known to be a great workout but they put a lot of stress on you and can look a bit out of place when your head keeps popping up over your cubicle.  Plus squats are an active exercise that prevent you from multitasking.  Instead of doing active squats take your breaks “sitting” in the squat position.  These are squat breaks.  Other cultures around the world have used squat breaks for ages to help relax.  Take a look at these guys taking squat breaks:

Squat Breaks

You may find squat breaks difficult at first but the more you do them the better you get at them.  We as Americans aren’t used to holding positions like this so our bodies need to learn.

How To Take Squat Breaks

Simply stand up from your desk, move your chair, and lower yourself down into a squatting position.  When you are lowering yourself down and when you are in the squatting position itself you should make every effort to keep your feet flat on the ground.  When you raise your feet up it throws the position out of wack.

Squat breaks won’t feel like a break at first.  Despite the fact you aren’t raising and lowering your body in an active squat you are still stretching out your body and holding a position you aren’t accustom to.  This will give you a workout.  Do it more to get used to it.  If you can lower your desk you can even work in the squat breaks position.