Weekly Check-In Tuesday 12/1

Hello all!  You may have noticed there were no posts besides the check in last week, National Novel Writing Month was the focus of my attention.  I finished my novel, Bound by Allegiance, last night just before 2200 hours (10 PM).  I didn’t make it out on my bike ride.  Every day last week was below freezing when I wanted to go out on a bike ride but I don’t trust drivers in the freezing temperature here.  I almost get hit when the weather is fine out.  I managed to get out there and walk a little every day though.  Next week there will be a weigh-in as it is the start of a new month.  This week I am not at home to use the scale.

I am going to be looking at redoing the schedule for posting to reduce the number of posts but potentially to connect multiple of the content types into one post.  Stay tuned to see the changes.

Weekly Check-In 11/16/2016

Hello!  This last week was full of some ups and some downs.  I drove down to Portland on one day for a job interview which meant that my steps were low.  Being in a car for 6-7 hours does that to you.  Then another day my mom was in town and my steps were kinda low that day too.  Despite the rainy weather I feel overall pretty good about my week though.


I tried to integrate bridging and some other exercises more into my day to help account for the reduced steps.  Doing the bridges felt pretty good.

Goals For This Week

I want to go out on a walk every day of this week, no matter how short.  In addition, my goal is that over the weekend I would like to go on at least one bike ride.  Depending on the weather that might turn into a longer walk.

Weekly Check-In Monday 11/9/2015

Over the last week I didn’t meet 10,000 steps three days but I met my goal of not having any days less than 6,000 steps.  Because last week I didn’t have the Fitbit for most of the first two days I don’t have exact step counts in my Fitbit app (how I normally compile these posts).  I know thought that Monday I was over 10,000 steps and believe I was into the 14,000 or 15,000 range.  Instead of Including a typed out step count this week I decided to try something new and include a screenshot of my step chart on Fitbit.

Weekly Step Chart 11-9

I am frustrated that I didn’t make 10,000 yesterday and I am quite confused how I didn’t.  I don’t think the Fitbit Charge HR accurately tracks steps taken while doing chores.  I spent several hours moving things around the new place, carrying stuff, and shopping.  All I ended up with was slightly over 3,000 steps.  Typically in an hour though I should be able to get around at least 6,000 steps.  The math doesn’t really add up.  What matters though is that I knew I got a workout yesterday by moving heavy boxes.

My Weight

You may notice that I didn’t include a weight in this weeks weekly check-in.  This is because I found that not having to think about weighing myself during the week actually made me happier.  I am going to continue to try this until December.  Instead of using weight as the main thing to track my fitness I am going to use steps and activities performed during the week.

This Weeks Goal

Last week I liked having the goal of having at least 6,000 steps per day.  This week I want to up that to 6,500.  If I can continue to make the number of steps go up every week I should continue to improve my fitness and activity levels.

Weekly Check-In 11/2/2015

Hello all!  So I am trying something that a friend recommended.  They said that when they weighed themselves every week they saw success at first, then it started to go downhill.  I am going to try taking this week away from weighing and see what I come in at next week.

Despite my last weigh-in saying that I gained weight I have been noticing differences in my body that show that I have been losing weight, at least from certain areas.  My shoulders are becoming less fatty and my legs are starting to show more sign off muscle than they did before.  My duty belt is still loose and I am still comfortably at the last hole in my regular belt.

As I announced last week my Fitbit broke.  I got ahold of Fitbit again and they agreed to send me a free replacement.  It didn’t even take any convincing.  I was a little surprised that I didn’t have to argue at all.  When you find a company with good customer service in this modern world it can be shocking!  My only complaint is that at times it was quite obvious that the person was reading from a script.  Customer service is more than reading from a script!  My Fitbit is estimated to arrive tomorrow.  I will be giving the Jawbone up to my fiance to use since she doesn’t have a fitness tracker.

My cold is almost completely gone.  All I have left is the cough and I am starting to get energized and active again.  Yesterday I was moving around the house and hanging art with my fiance.  I also walked to the store and did several other cleaning tasks.  All on my day off.  Having the energy again and only a small, occasional cough is nice.

For this upcoming week I want to be above 6,000 steps on the lowest step day.  I also want to try and get another day where I walk over 20,000 steps again.  It’s been a while since I have seen that many steps in a day.  My most steps walked last week was 15,902.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a review of the Jawbone Up.  I will say that I am mixed on the device.

Weekly Check-In

Yesterday when I got home late from work I was completely pooped.  This cold has been kicking my ass.  This week isn’t going to be a normal check-in.  You aren’t going to see a weight or a step count.  The reason?  My scale started spinning and not uploading weight when I tried earlier in the week and I didn’t get the chance yesterday.  As for the steps?  Last week was terrible and I know it.  I spent most of my free time in bed.  I will say that I only walked 67,471 steps all last week.

My Pact

My first worry when I became sick was my Pact.  When I started my Pact I wasn’t sure if there was a way to report being sick because I couldn’t find anything like that.  I had looked because there was a week in which I was hurting.  This week when looking I did find a section labeled medical emergencies buried in the menu structure.  I received a response while at work yesterday from them that last week will be invalidated, aka, it will no longer count against me.  This week is already off to a good start with over 16,000 steps.

Weekly Check-In Monday 10/19/2015

This week I did better on my steps I walked a total of 85,856 steps which is 9,121 steps more than I walked last week.  I know after seeing last weeks stats that I wanted to do better when it came to walking.

Monday 10/12 – 2,228 Steps
Tuesday 10/13 – 10,348 Steps
Wednesday 10/14 – 14,748 Steps
Thursday 10/15 – 11,725 Steps
Friday 10/16 – 10,897 Steps
Saturday 10/17 – 18,804 Steps
Sunday 10/18 – 17,016 Steps

* Like with last week the green means that the day I met my FitBit step goal, the orange means that I met only the Pact goal, and red is the day that I didn’t meet either.

Unfortunately, despite increasing the number of steps I took this week the scale is telling me that I am 184.4 lbs.  I don’t know if that was because the scale wasn’t calibrated or if I had actually gained that weight, but it was not pleasant to see.  My goal for this coming week is to be at least 1 lbs less this coming week.

I have started playing a new game which requires walking, Ingress.  So far it has been fun but it is a little complicated and want to gain more experience before writing about it in detail.


Monday Check-In 10/12/2015

This post is coming in late this week because I have a graveyard shift and have been sleeping most of the day.  In my goal to get back in the groove after the move though I wanted to deliver it today.  Today I weighed in at 180.1 lbs.  This isn’t much of a difference from what I was at last week.  Here is my step chart for the last week.

 Monday 10/5 – 11,145 Steps
Tuesday 10/6 – 7,271 Steps
Wednesday 10/7 – 12,973 Steps
Thursday 10/8 – 11,545 Steps
Friday 10/9 – 11,472 Steps
Saturday 10/10 – 12,287 Steps
Sunday 10/11 – 10,042 Steps

Over the last week I met my step goal on 2 days but I met the Pact goal six times during the week.  The days that I met my step goal are green, the ones where I just met the pact goal are orange, and the one day that I didn’t meet either is in red.  To restate my Pact just so there is no confusion, I am allowed to not meet the 10,000 step Pact goal once per week.

The Move

It’s been just over a week since we moved and I feel like the move through me out of the motion of my plan.  I am just starting to feel like I am getting it back.  Over the last week I ate a couple of snacks that I shouldn’t have but I have also moved away from eating premade food to cooking so I also eliminated some of the bad food from my diet too.  Our new kitchen allows me and my fiance to make better meals more often.

One of the other things that I noticed is that I have been so tired from my day on day off work schedule and the move that I just haven’t had the motivation to walk.  I have realized this and started to take more naps and sleep more.  I woke up today finally feeling somewhat recovered.  The one problem with that is my one graveyard shift this week is going to throw me off kilter further.

We shall see how this week goes.

Weekly Check-In

Hello!  This last week was not a bad week for many things.  We arranged movers and started packing.  However, when it comes to step goals, I was a little bit under a few days.  I actually missed two days on my Pact which is weird because when I looked at my Fitbit at midnight it registered over 10,000 steps.  I am beginning to wonder if Fitbit has some sort of scanning and auto-correction it performs every day to erase steps that it thinks were accidental readings.

While I am not too happy about this it isn’t the end of the world.  I will get back up on the horse and start again, better this week.  I spend most of the day packing today and so that is why this update is coming in so late.

Monday 9/14 – 17,439 Steps
Tuesday 9/15 10,818 Steps
Wednesday 9/16 – 5,505 Steps
Thursday 9/17 – 12,493 Steps
Friday 9/18 – 9,926 Steps
Saturday 9/19 – 23,252 Steps
Sunday 9/20 – 9,953 Steps

That makes for a total of 89,386 steps.

The Weekly Check-In Weigh In

So when it comes to weight this week I lost another pound (1 lbs) exactly.  This brings me below a good milestone to under 180 lbs at 179.6 lbs.  I am extremely happy about this because it means that I am making process.  It isn’t happening fast like a miracle but it is happening and I am making it happen.

Let’s see if I can do better next week and increase my step counts each day that I was under.

Weekly Check-In

And it’s time again for another weekly check-in.  This week I lost another pound.  I am down to 180.6 lbs.  Overall I had a fairly productive week when it came to steps.

Monday 9/7 – 1,381 Steps
Tuesday 9/8 13,433 Steps
Wednesday 9/9 – 15,497 Steps
Thursday 9/10 – 14,365 Steps
Friday 9/11 – 12,947 Steps
Saturday 9/12 – 28,915 Steps
Sunday 9/13 – 10,001 Steps

As you can see Monday was very weak but the rest of the week was pretty strong with the exception of Sunday.  Sunday I did not meet my 12,000 step goal but I still met the Pact goal of 10,000.  My feet were pretty sore from the day before.  I had a total of 96,539 steps.  That is about 4,000 more steps walked than the week before.

I am happy to be at a point where I have conquered two belt loop sizes.  Unfortunately, my beloved belt that I have had for years broke this morning when going to put my work pants on.  The belt was old and the leather was starting to fall apart.  It is just a little sad to see a belt go that has lasted for so long.  What it does do is give me an opportunity to go out and look for smaller belts.

Over last week I also found a new apartment that I will be moving into in not too long.  The idea of this move makes me really happy and I am hoping that the slightly bigger kitchen will give us enough room that we can cook more often.  There is also a yard and stairs.  Overall, I think it will be more conducive to my weight loss efforts.  Having a good place to come home to makes it easier to relax and be fresh for the next morning.  Sleep is an important part of the weight loss process and not getting enough of it can hurt your weight loss goals.

A Website Glitch

Over the weekend Google Analytics made me aware that there was a glitch with the post Weight Loss and Why I am Doing It.  Somehow the URL to the post became corrupted.  It needed a new home and it was assigned one.  As I posted over the weekend, the post is back up and viewable.