Weekly Check-In Monday 11/9/2015

Over the last week I didn’t meet 10,000 steps three days but I met my goal of not having any days less than 6,000 steps.  Because last week I didn’t have the Fitbit for most of the first two days I don’t have exact step counts in my Fitbit app (how I normally compile these posts).  I know thought that Monday I was over 10,000 steps and believe I was into the 14,000 or 15,000 range.  Instead of Including a typed out step count this week I decided to try something new and include a screenshot of my step chart on Fitbit.

Weekly Step Chart 11-9

I am frustrated that I didn’t make 10,000 yesterday and I am quite confused how I didn’t.  I don’t think the Fitbit Charge HR accurately tracks steps taken while doing chores.  I spent several hours moving things around the new place, carrying stuff, and shopping.  All I ended up with was slightly over 3,000 steps.  Typically in an hour though I should be able to get around at least 6,000 steps.  The math doesn’t really add up.  What matters though is that I knew I got a workout yesterday by moving heavy boxes.

My Weight

You may notice that I didn’t include a weight in this weeks weekly check-in.  This is because I found that not having to think about weighing myself during the week actually made me happier.  I am going to continue to try this until December.  Instead of using weight as the main thing to track my fitness I am going to use steps and activities performed during the week.

This Weeks Goal

Last week I liked having the goal of having at least 6,000 steps per day.  This week I want to up that to 6,500.  If I can continue to make the number of steps go up every week I should continue to improve my fitness and activity levels.

Weekly Check-In Monday 10/19/2015

This week I did better on my steps I walked a total of 85,856 steps which is 9,121 steps more than I walked last week.  I know after seeing last weeks stats that I wanted to do better when it came to walking.

Monday 10/12 – 2,228 Steps
Tuesday 10/13 – 10,348 Steps
Wednesday 10/14 – 14,748 Steps
Thursday 10/15 – 11,725 Steps
Friday 10/16 – 10,897 Steps
Saturday 10/17 – 18,804 Steps
Sunday 10/18 – 17,016 Steps

* Like with last week the green means that the day I met my FitBit step goal, the orange means that I met only the Pact goal, and red is the day that I didn’t meet either.

Unfortunately, despite increasing the number of steps I took this week the scale is telling me that I am 184.4 lbs.  I don’t know if that was because the scale wasn’t calibrated or if I had actually gained that weight, but it was not pleasant to see.  My goal for this coming week is to be at least 1 lbs less this coming week.

I have started playing a new game which requires walking, Ingress.  So far it has been fun but it is a little complicated and want to gain more experience before writing about it in detail.


Monday Check-In 10/12/2015

This post is coming in late this week because I have a graveyard shift and have been sleeping most of the day.  In my goal to get back in the groove after the move though I wanted to deliver it today.  Today I weighed in at 180.1 lbs.  This isn’t much of a difference from what I was at last week.  Here is my step chart for the last week.

 Monday 10/5 – 11,145 Steps
Tuesday 10/6 – 7,271 Steps
Wednesday 10/7 – 12,973 Steps
Thursday 10/8 – 11,545 Steps
Friday 10/9 – 11,472 Steps
Saturday 10/10 – 12,287 Steps
Sunday 10/11 – 10,042 Steps

Over the last week I met my step goal on 2 days but I met the Pact goal six times during the week.  The days that I met my step goal are green, the ones where I just met the pact goal are orange, and the one day that I didn’t meet either is in red.  To restate my Pact just so there is no confusion, I am allowed to not meet the 10,000 step Pact goal once per week.

The Move

It’s been just over a week since we moved and I feel like the move through me out of the motion of my plan.  I am just starting to feel like I am getting it back.  Over the last week I ate a couple of snacks that I shouldn’t have but I have also moved away from eating premade food to cooking so I also eliminated some of the bad food from my diet too.  Our new kitchen allows me and my fiance to make better meals more often.

One of the other things that I noticed is that I have been so tired from my day on day off work schedule and the move that I just haven’t had the motivation to walk.  I have realized this and started to take more naps and sleep more.  I woke up today finally feeling somewhat recovered.  The one problem with that is my one graveyard shift this week is going to throw me off kilter further.

We shall see how this week goes.

Monday Check-in

This week I made over the amount of steps that I walked the previous week.  One day was low and one day was extremely high.  I hope this coming week is as good.

Monday 8/316,079 Steps
Tuesday 9/1 12,319 Steps
Wednesday 9/2 12,015 Steps
Thursday 9/313,667 Steps
Friday 9/412,424 Steps
Saturday 9/523,269 Steps
Sunday 9/612,319 Steps

Overall it was a pretty productive week.  That is a lot of steps for one week coming out to a total of: 92,092 Steps.  As of weighing myself yesterday I was down to 181.6 lbs.  That is an additional .8 lbs down.  Not only that my shirts and pants are fitting looser than they previously have.  My t-shirts no longer cling to my body.  This is an amazing feeling to have clothes that didn’t fit now fit better.  I wonder if next week I can make them fit even better?

Additionally, for this coming week I upped my Pact with the Pact App.  I now have to log my food on all 7 days.  The pact requires me to log 3 meals a day (snacks are included as a meal).  This will not only earn a little bit of money but help encourage the logging of food.  Over the last week I also started a new Instagram and Twitter to better help the website and my goals.  There is also a new header image that will be tested out this week.

Another week down and more to come!

Weekly Weigh-In (Late/Delayed)

I know I posted the schedule for the weekly weigh-in last week being on Monday.  Yesterday I had two issues though that kept me from doing a weekly weigh-in and will continue to delay the normal weigh in.  First, yesterday when I went to weigh myself I got five different weights, varying as much as 8 lbs.  I had planned to go out and look at new scales but I got a call in for work.  This week’s official weekly weigh-in should happen either tomorrow or the next day.  However, here is a summary of my weekly activities.

I currently have a scale that uses the Weight Gurus system.  I got it because it promised wireless smartphone weight tracking.  What it didn’t say was that this was via taking a picture of the screen.  The scale when it comes to weight has never worked that well.  The picture capture feature for the weigh in is difficult to capture depending on the lighting of the room.  The lighting needs to be just right to prevent glare.  I have been thinking of getting a new scale for a while now and getting a “smart” scale probably won’t happen this time.

On to Normal Weekly Weigh-In Stuff

I was down in step count a little bit due to injuring my back on Saturday the 15th, but all of my low days were higher than previous low days which was nice.  I feel like while I didn’t achieve the level that I could have I improved on my daily overall levels.  I will be pushing even harder this week.

What I am happy to notice is that my duty belt at work is now looser than it used to be.  It will yet again be time to tighten it up.  My regular belt is also one hole shorter.  This is some of the best motivation that I have been able to get during my journey to a better me.

Over the weekend I participated in another Weekend Warrior Challenge with my Fitbit.  Unfortunately, I came in second place.  I am not unhappy about it and the group of people I have found on Fitbit have been very motivational, sharing encouragement regularly.  It doesn’t hurt that I was about 10,000 steps above the closest person to me.  Groups like this are great!  I hope to continue to find more people like this on Fitbit.



I managed to get out on Sunday and find a couple of Geocaches too.  I will post those later in the week with a Geocaching update.

In summary for the weekly weigh-in so far, it wasn’t a bad week but it wasn’t the best week.  All that can be done is to have a better week though!

Weekly Weigh In

Current Weight: 183.5

Weight Change This Week: -1 LBS

Total Weight Lost: 5 lbs

Today is Monday and the start of a new week, that means it’s time for my weekly weigh in.  Today I weighed in at 183.5 lbs.  That means today I made my first five pounds lost milestone.  Fitbit awarded me with a cool badge for meeting this goal.


I am quite happy at this point because it means that I am well on my way to losing even more weight.  I only lost a total of one pound this week so I still need to up my game for next week.  Due to the challenge though I only had one day where I was under my step goal.  Maybe it is a coincidence that weigh in day happens to be the same day that I found that I won the Weekend Warrior step challenge from the other day.  Here are the results:

Screenshot of ResultsFor those that can’t see it I won with 29,177 steps with the closest being 26,297 steps.  On Saturday I was in the lead for the whole day until Stephanie started catching up in the evening.  Then because I had a late start to the day yesterday Stephanie was ahead of me for a while.  I took charge of the steps though when I did an evening Geocaching and came in with the win.  This Weekend Warrior Challenge was a big confidence booster since it came in combination with the milestone in my weight loss!